‘Within These Walls’ – Pages 6-9

Dr. Peyton Hudson. She loved the sound of it. Repeating it toherself in the artificially lit, tripple mirror of her vanity. She dabbed black mascara on her naturally curled lashes. Accentuating oval, emerald eyes.
A little blush on her prominent cheek bones, on either side of her cute turned up nose. Peyton liked what she saw.
Her long blonde highlighted, dark brown hair was put up in a purposely-sloppy do, with a fourteen-karat gold clip. Took a lot of practice to get that… I don’t care about my hair look. She felt silly talking to herself in the mirrors and decided it was time to get dressed for this probable hectic day at the hospital.

Downstairs, she heard Mason making coffee in the newly remodeled three story Victorian. They had been married right out of high school nineteen years ago and he was the perfect husband. Mason was loving, attentive, charming, gentle and forever optimistic. Not to mention sexy as hell. With his thick black hair, deep blue eyes, dimples, crooked smile and a body earned by hours at the gym. After all these years she still tingled when she thought of, or saw him.
Time to stop daydreaming…back to the enjoyable task of pulling her pants over her lithe body with long legs and toned butt. She was the type of person that did not need to spend hours with weights. Peyton always got a lot of exercise at work, always took the stairs and ‘tried’ to eat right.
Now to find the ideal cut and color of blouse, to….at a loss for a better word, disguise her large upright natural breasts. Would not do looking like a floozy at her chosen institute of medicine.
She searched her huge walk-in closet until she found th appropriate shirt. Now for shoes. Peyton was a shoe fanatic. That is one way to feel like a sexy woman…pumps, without making the wrong statement. Peyton had taken a long time to get ready as she did everyday. Dress for success and all of that. The coffee must be done; she was looking forward to greeting her husband on this splendid day.


Mason Hudson had the coffee finished and was lovingly preparing Peyton’s Einstein bagel. Cut in half, darkly toasted and laden with creamery butter and Philadelphia cream cheese. He arranged them on one of her desert plates. Peyton insisted on using elegant dishware.
“You’re aware that food just tastes better on my grandmothers fine china”. She articulated this more than once and he dutifully respected her wishes.
Being at the very beginning of summer vacation, there was no need to wake Skyler and Cameron. You can easily grasp teenagers and their need for exorbitant sleep.
Mason heard the soft foot falls of Peyton crossing the colorful Persian rug. He turned around with a suggestive smile, she came into his arms. Good mornings were reciprocated as well as a sensuous kiss and a little tongue.
“You’ve still got it Dr. Hudson,” teased Mason.
“Of course I do, I’m still the sexy girl that you married.”
He chuckled and she giggled, she poured her coffee and creamer, he gave her a Pat on her delightful ass.
She gulped down Mason’s ground bean java and contentedly swallowed the last bit of bagel. Licked her fingers as she reached for a pop-up antibacterial wipe. It was seven o’clock and she did not want to be late. She was never late, even due to rush hour or a Denver snowstorm. She prided herself on punctuality.


To be continued tomorrow ……


One thought on “‘Within These Walls’ – Pages 6-9

  1. margretdj says:

    very nice…I can’t wait for tomorrow

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