I forgot to relay my new short and long descriptions of my novel.

I would greatly appreciate any comments you may feel like sharing!

Short description is placed with book cover on Smashwords:

Mason Hudson’s twisted journey is full of shocks and revelations, that leave your heart pounding, your brow sweating and your mind guessing. This crime/ thriller is sure to please and keeps you engaged from beginning to end. You will not want to put it down!

The long description accompanies eBook to retailers:

Dazed and confused….deranged due to boyhood abuse, Mason Hudson’s struggle to find himself leads to encounters with credible characters you will come to love and hate. Is Mason’s crime spree a reality or duplicity? Psychodrama prevails during deliberations that point to the final verdict and his future on this planet. A. 74,430 word novel you will not want to put down! Additionally you will travel through a maze of twists and turns that could only end up with the powerful sequel “The Evil Within”, a 21,500 word work in progress.


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