Hi 🙂 well I finished my book cover. It looks good but I may redesign…I want it to be perfect! I’m doing it in the same style as Danielle Steel covers. I didn’t know this until my sister, a big fan, told me they are similar.
It will have solid black background with gold lettering in a Huntington font.
My pen name
B.G. Bradley on the top.

A picture of a broken white and gold leafed china plate,in middle.

The title at bottom.

As it stands now the background is partially white which I don’t like.

I need to finish “The Style Guide” to make sure my manuscript is formatted correctly.

Looks like I will have a fourth revision…one last check.

74,430 words is a lot to read and perfect.

But….I’m loving every minute of this process! A couple of headaches and a few Ibuprofen. Lol
Then when these final steps are complete…. I will use library computer to upload cover, synopsis, price, personal info anf finally a real eBook!! Can’t wait. For the time being I use my Blackberry to research and blog. This reliable device is not capable of the final chore.

I will post of few more pages of “Within These Walls”.

Happy Reading…. 🙂


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