‘Within These Walls’ – Pages 10-15


Mason was upstairs in his bathroom showering and getting ready for a sedulous day.
Peyton grabbed her Gucci handbag, which of course matched her shoes. She dug around to make sure the considerable key chain was there, yelled her good byes and was out the ornate front door. She climbed into her frightfully messy, gold, 2014 BMW SUV. Didn’t let it warm up just threw it into gear and was on her way to work anticipating a fruitful day.


Mason meticulously shaved his handsome face; dressed in his casual tan Dockers’ slacks; blue dress shirt; sharp tie and white Adidas. The shirt made his eyes vivid. He ran a brush through his well-trimmed masculine hairstyle. He looked like the professional, competent, computer technician that he was. Mason worked for AT&T keeping occupied in his high tech world. He just loved life, his children and his occupation.
Before he left he scribbled a note to the kids:

“Mom and I are at work. Have a nice vacation. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Lol. Here’s some money -split it and have a safe day. Love, Dad.”

That done….he checked the coffee machine, straightened a little for Hannah and used the remote to open the refurbished double car garage doors. There sat his baby. He automatically set the alarm and closed the back door.
His baby….a red 2013 Jaguar F-Type. He conscientiously let it run while he topped off the windshield wiper fluid. That, gas and oil were about all he knew of mechanics. Mason deliberately lowered the rag top, carefully backed out of the parking spot and headed down the pot-holed alley. You would think with all the taxes they paid and the type of neighborhood it was, they would revamp this stretch of asphalt. He was not going to let it ruin this sunny warm summer morning.
He cranked up the Eagles Hotel California CD. It worked like a charm soothing his pretty much level nerve. He entered rush hour traffic with controlled annoyance, competently maneuvered the ten miles to his workplace.


Skyler Hudson woke with a start. Her heart beating with the feeling of being late for school. She realized she was off for almost three months. She lazily glanced at the digital alarm clock/radio next to her queen sized memory foam bed. It read 9:13.
Skyler exhaled a deep breath as she swung her smooth tan legs over the side….went straight to the bathroom. She thought she would pee forever. That due to the empty Fuji water bottle on her Huffington Post nightstand.
With the door closed, she was staring into the full-length lighted mirror (mom’s idea). She scratched herself looking irritated. Surveying her black shoulder length hair. Talk about ‘bed head’. Her eyes were oval and blue, if you could see them through the blackness of unremoved makeup. Morning! Damn! Why couldn’t she wake up gorgeous like her mother? It was not fair, she pouted.
Skyler grabbed two freshly laundered towels and stepped into the shower. One for her wet hair and the other for her playboy body (a great area of concern for her dear old dad). She had to giggle….as if she was doing anything untoward with it. One of these days when she met the right man, maybe. She had heard stories about her mom and vowed to wait for marriage. She started college in the fall at CSU in Fort Collins and might meet someone then. She wanted to be a veterinarian, heard it was a great school.
That reminded her, where was Ellie? The family’s German Sheppard. Skyler just adored her and she was very protective of the four of them.
That reminded her; in addition, she had better check on her little brother. He was such a pain! She dressed quickly in her Rue21 outfit. Shit, she needed more clothes. Her closet wasn’t half as full as her moms’. She’d have to bug her to take her to Wet Seal. And Ambercrombie’s. She was so undertaken care of! No clothes….a three year old car…what was next? Unlike her dumb brother, he didn’t care what he wore, mostly baggy and black.
Skyler knocked on the little squirts door, covered with Keep Out and other warning signs. He was so shy and quiet she wouldn’t have known he was around if he didn’t get hungry. He ate like a bird anyway and was too skinny for his fifteen years of age. Brothers! She knocked harder a second time. He seemed put out when he finally opened the door. Cameron was playing some dumb game on his X-Box. He was always playing with that stupid thing. He obviously didn’t want to be bothered. She clicked her tongue and practically slammed the door. Let the little weirdo do what he wanted!
Skyler ran up to the kitchen. Her dad usually left a note. She read the note and just loved her dad. She laughed about what a dork he was. Pocketed eighty and left Cameron a twenty. What he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. She smiled a crooked smile.


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