I am an alcoholic
I used to smoke and drink
But now my drug of choice
Is notebook paper and ink

I can’t get enough
It flows right thru my head
Keep my pad and pen
Right next to my bed

I’m a junkie when it
Comes to composition
Used to scratch tickets
Another sad addiction

In the distant past
Stocked up on bottles of booze
Now it’s ink and comp book
That I wisely choose

I love to scribble
Compose and formulate
Of my poetry
I have a jealous mate

I write at night
So as not to ignore him
But this is important
Not some silly whim

When I’m out of paper-ink
I go thru withdrawal
An envelope, a sticky note
Most anything to scrawl

Verse, rhyme, sonnet
I really love it all
If I’m not careful
I’ll start penning on the wall

Try to write a daily poem
I need to get my fix
Limerick, Haiku
Doesn’t matter the mix

It’s an addiction
I can take on the run
It helps heal inside
Plus it’s lots of fun



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