‘Within These Walls’- Pages 16-21


Dr. Peyton Hudson was an Orthopedic Surgeon. She’d been busy today as she had earlier predicted. She had spent ten years in medical schools and it had paid off. She adored her job and made over
$500,000 a year. Top pay for a knowledgeable and hard working Doc. Her practice was about forty percent anthroplasties and the other sixty consultations and fractured bones. A basic broken bone took about an hour with a fiberglass cast, more if there was surgery involved. She had enough seniority that she was no longer on call. She appreciated most of her staff but especially Mackenzie Phillips, her surgeons assistant. She was her only colleague that was a friend.

Mac was a wild red headed Irish woman with a fantastic and contagious personality. She was highly intelligent, patient, adventurous, down to earth and witty. She had a habit of winking her eye when jocular. I guess you could say they were best friends. Peyton didn’t usually like women. She found them phony, boring, gossips and drama queens.

Well…back to work, she had an anthroplasties at two o’clock. A sixty seven year old woman with advanced rheumatoid arthritis. It was the left hip and she was a very heavyset person, which sometimes caused complications. She had faith in herself and her team.
The OR is readied while Peyton used the bathroom, checked her hair, makeup and slight bags under her eyes. She was a little tired and was going to be on her feet for a couple of hours.
Mrs. Stone was being prepped. IV, urinary catheter, draped and surgical area cleaned with a strong antiseptic solution.
Joel, the anesthesiologist checked all of his apparatus and gave the thumbs up. Peyton and Mac scrubbed in. When all was ready and Mrs. Stone was unconscious, Dr. Hudson competently handled the scalpel making the five to six inch incision. Cutting still fascinated her.
With the surgical opening securely anchored, she chiseled the ball from the socket. This took considerable time and care. Next Dr. Hudson severed the bone and removed the whole joint. Peyton would never get over how barbaric this all seemed, but the old woman have full function in between one to six months. The Doc was using a metal on plastic replacement joint and with the help of Mac struggled to fit the new piece in, drilled it into the femur and re-attached ligaments and tendons. By this time her back was screaming. They sutured the drill holes;moved the leg and new joint around to make sure it functioned properly. Then Mac closed with surgical staples. Mrs. Stone was off to recovery and Peyton was off with the latex and surgical garb. After she showered the day was done for her.
Fatigued she followed Stan Young to her BMW, thanked him and headed in the direction of home. First she made her regular stop at fifteenth and Lawrence. The walk to Starbucks cleared her mind and stretched the sore muscles. Suddenly she couldn’t help but feel someone was watching her. She shook it off, got her coffee and walked the short distance back to her vehicle. It would be nice to get home and see Mason and the kids.
By the time she disarmed the alarm, let herself in…she discovered a note from Skyler. She was out with her girlfriend Katie; Mason wasn’t home yet and Cameron was as usual down in his room. Peyton worried about her son sometimes. She settled for putting on her Zimmerli silk pajamas, poured a glass of white Zinfandel and ordered pizza and wings from Dominos.
After paying the delivery boy and handing him a handsome tip, she went down to offer Cameron some food.
She padded down the plush carpeted stairs and arrived at her sons door.
“KNOCK BEFORE ENTERING”….and a large “STOP” sign. Multiple signs and bumper stickers plastered all over her beautiful solid oak wooden door. Teenagers! She faithfully knocked even though it secretly got under her skin. He didn’t answer which was his standard routine. She rapped more forcefully the second time and the door swung open a crack.
“Cameron? You in there?”she inquired. Maybe he was asleep. She let herself the rest of the way in, the only light shining from the idle X-Box. In the semi-darkness, she saw hin lying on the bed. Tip toeing across the room she stepped on broken glass. Upon further inspection, she recognized it as one of her grandmothers china plates. Careless kid had broken one of her precious platters.
Mothering she felt his sleeping forehead….as she pulled her hand away she felt sticky liquid, at the same time caught the scent of blood. She automatically checked his pulse. Fine. “Cameron !” she yelled. He groggily raised his head squinting his eyes. Whew! He was alive but the blood was obviously his. “What the hell is going on?”she demanded! He mumbled something about it being nothing. “Nothing my ass!” she strode to his light switch and threw it on; dashed to his side;then saw the cuts on his arms and legs. She was in total confusion. She’d heard about kids cutting themselves but not her sweet, level headed little boy.


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  1. margretdj says:

    waiting for the next chapter….loving it

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