‘Within These Walls’-Pages 21-27

Mother aside…Dr. Peyton Hudson took over the scene. She ran to retrieve her extensively stocked first aid kit.
God she wished Mason was home. She needed his common sense and strength. Cameron was sobbing incoherently, she whispered maternal comforts and started bandaging the deeper cuts, most were superficial.
What would make him do this? He had always been quiet, shy, introverted and marched to his own drummer….but this?
She finished with the first aid kit when she heard the disarming of the alarm. Peyton was praying for it to be Mason. She didn’t want or need Skyler to witness this gruesome scene. She gently helped Cameron out of the blood stained clothes and into what he passed for pajamas…clean boxers and a T-shirt. She led him up the stairs and promised to straighten up the destruction later. She gingerly set him at the kitchen table as Mason cheerfully walked through the back door.

He recognized the look on his wife’s ashen face and then took in the whole scenario with his son. “What the fuck happened?”he stormed. Peyton promptly reported on what she had found, as the little boy stared mesmerized at the pattern of the grain on the wooden table. She instructed Mason to calm down and assured him she would find help for their son. Mason approached the broken boy, hugged him and swore to him he loved him.
He then gave his shaken wife a huge hug and reassured her that they would straighten this out and that things could only improve. “Knock on wood,”he nervously laughed. Together they helped Cameron to the couch. Peyton administered a half of vicodin, covered him with the special comforter and tuned into the Simpsons for him.
Mason stayed upstairs with him while Peyton climbed the stairs to change into some jeans and one of Mason’s man sized T-shirts. She needed to tackle the bloody mess downstairs before Skyler returned with Katie.
She proficiently dealt with the stained sheets. Stuffed them into a Hefty trash bag. It had soaked through to the mattress pad but not the mattress itself. She disposed of that too and bent to pick up the pieces of her beloved grandmothers’ china. That was nothing in comparison to the hurtful shape her only son was in.
She replaced the bedding with a new ‘Bed in the Bag’. It was a dark design that Cameron had grudgingly chosen on one of their forced trips to Bed, Bath and Beyond. While Peyton googled the number on her smart phone for Stanley Steamer, Mason took the garbage bag out to the alley dumpster.
The pizza and wings had congealed but not one of them had an appetite. The carpet cleaners would come in the morning. At least the kids would be home from school. Peyton was going to have a serious conversation with David Deering, the head of the psyche department.
She was contemplating how to broach this horrible development with Skyler. She was skittish and would surely fainted dead away had she seen all the blood.
Aside from the way she acted, she dearly loved her little brother and was going to freak out when they informed her of what he had done. Thankfully and conveniently, Skyler called to see if she could sleep over at Katies. Peyton said yes too quickly and raised Skyler’s suspicion.
“Is everything ok mom?”she asked concerned.
“We’ve had a little trouble but have fun with Katie and I’ll explain tomorrow. ”
“Ok, love you mom. Tell dad and the squirt good night. ” She hung up.


Benjamin, not Ben, not Benny suffers from insomnia. That sometimes came in handy when he was on a stake out. He was a private investigator and a very unlikeable type of person. He was narcissistic, pessimistic, sarcastic, grumpy and quarrelsome. These were some of his good character traits.
Benjamin was a burly man, 5’10”, 205 pounds…most of it in his belly. His balding head just accentuated his bulbous nose, beady-heavy lidded eyes, thin lips, thick neck and stocky body. The only positive attributes were his straight teeth and clean-shaven face. He lived in a dumpy, smoky, one bedroom apartment. There were cigarette burns in the couch, a messy kitchen, very few dishes and a filthy bathroom with a toilet that didn’t flush. He dressed like a slob. Everything he owned and wore was stained.
Amongst all the loathsome personality flaws…he was a damn good private eye. He was working on a case now that involved catching a poor guy in the act of infidelity. The wife paid him upfront and was sure something was going on. Boring work but it put all- important food on the table. He was to leave in a few minutes in his 2009 blue Ford Taurus. Unobtrusive, with dark tinted windows. He’d sit outside the tramps house and catch the stupid son of a bitch.
He hoped it wouldn’t take more than a day because he had a doctors appointment the following afternoon. He had a dysfunctional right hip that bothered him immensely. He assumed the problem stemmed from old football injuries. Benjamin was a player and coach for years. The consultation was scheduled for four o’clock, the latest appointment that he could get.

Peyton woke in the middle of the night and checked on Cameron. He had fallen asleep on the couch, worriedly she felt his forehead. He seemed fine, at least physically….as for psychologically she was terrified for him. She planned to miss her morning rounds and appointments. Mac was extremely concerned and agreed to take over her duties. Peyton needed to meet with the carpet people and get ahold of Dr. Deering first thing.


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