‘Within These Walls’-Pages 27-31

She went into the kitchen, got out a china cup, put a tea bag in it and started the kettle. Mason sleepily padded in and they both quietly sat at the dining table. They started to speak at the same time and nervously laughed.
“I’m not exactly sure what is going on here but it’s got me pretty damn upset,”his voice breaking,”I mean, why in the hell would Cameron do something like this?…We’re not home enough! He just sits in his room and plays with that God-awful machine. Do we even know what kind of games he’s into?”
Peyton calmly replied, “I feel like it’s our fault too, honey. We’re both so wrapped up in our jobs and ourselves. Skyler is never here. The poor kid must be so lonely!”she started sobbing,”You and I hardly ever talk to eachother. A kiss here or there; how was your day; what’s for dinner…” she was bawling now, her shoulders heaving.
Mason went to his grieving wife and held her tight. The piercing whistle of the tea pot startled them both. She hurriedly turned off the gas and moved it to the adjacent burner. She wiped her eyes and blew her nose.
“I’m talking to David this morning. Cameron needs some kind of therapy. Maybe David would do the honors rather than assign it to staff. ”
“This whole thing is such a fucking nightmare!”he moaned. Peyton forgave him his language under the circumstances.
“Let’s forget the tea and try to get some sleep. I need to hold you,”she suggested.
“Ok, it sounds like a plan.” He took her by the hand and held it all the way up the stairs into their room.
“I love you Mason.”
“You too.”

Peyton woke to Cameron’s soft mourning. The sun was coming through the new Gum Tree curtains. She went as quickly as she could to console him.
“I’m sorry mom, I really am!”…
She said to him, “It’s gunna be all right sweetie. I’m going in later to talk to Dr. Deering. He’s the best Cameron and he’ll know what we should do. Just promise me you’ll never do this again. Dad and I are going to start spending more tie with you. I’m so, so sorry honey!”
“Dad will stay with you while I’m gone and Skyler should be home in a little bit. ”
“Oh no,”wailed Cameron…”she’s going to think I’m so stupid mom!”
Peyton warned him, “She loves you with all of her heart but she probably will freak out. Skyler’s a good girl, a great sister but she’s not comfortable with things like this. Do you want a little something for breakfast? I don’t even know when the last time was that you ate. ”
“Maybe a Pop Tart and some orange juice…I am kinda hungry mom. Thanks. ”
Peyton stood, stretched her keyed up muscles and continued into the kitchen. Pop Tarts, she mused, he was still such a little boy. She prepared his ‘breakfast’ and served him on a Chinette paper plate. No use reminding him of the broken platter.

Mason came downstairs dressed in jeans, a T-shirt and socks.
“I called Kevin and he told me to take off the time I needed. I have comp hours coming and he can find coverage for me. How’s our boy?”
“He’s doing as well as can be expected. He didn’t balk at the mention of seeing Dr. Deering. He’s more worried about Skyler,”she made an attempt at laughing.

The doorbell interrupted their conversation. Peyton had forgotten that the carpet cleaning technician was coming this morning. She disarmed the alarm and invited the guy in. Peyton introduced her husband. The man said his name was Aaron Logan. She described the room down the stairs to be cleaned and he let himself back out to get his equipment. They exchanged a look of apprehension. Oh well, better to have the job done right and before Skyler had a chance to see the dried blood.
Peyton needed to shower and dress to go to the hospital. She left those two sitting on the couch watching The Price Is Right. They looked so different…you wouldn’t guess they were father and son.
Peyton wanted to get this over with and get back before her daughter arrived home.


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