A Sad Poem (about an old love)

Ode To Billy

A decent man in this world alone
Drifting, dreaming about going home
Disappeared years ago down the road
Mental illness, carried heavy load

Wandering daily from town to state
A handyman for hunger to slate
This man in its grip, the devils brew
Loveless traveler, no goals, no clue

Well trodden shoes worn to a shred
Shabby garments hanging like lead
No coat, no bag, had nothing left
His numbed out mind wholly bereft

An upstanding man once, clean shaven
Matted hair and beard, no offered haven
To hunger and thirst in this sad way
Calculated risk leaving that day

Won’t acknowledge failure, too damn proud
Never to return he boldly vowed
His people, his love, no mail, no call
Family wondering if he lived at all

Lifes loneliest soul filled with self hate
Reshaping existence, now too late
Loved ones lost an incredible man
Need to pray and move on if they can


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