Hi:) instead of chapter 10 of ‘Within These Walls’, I’ve decided to post the prologue of my second novel. ‘The Evil Witin’ is the sequel. I’m about a third of the way through with it. The second book has been on hold since I’ve been putting all my time and effort into publishing first book. Hope you enjoy it!

Happy Reading!

The Evil Within

Little Mason Hudson lived in a two story, run down, wooden house in Denver, Co. He was five years old, had a drunk for a father, a mentally unbalanced mother and a brother of one and a half years old. He hadn’t started kindergarten yet because his birthday fell on October 11th, after the school year started.
His mother began the day with bathing him, scrubbing him raw and giving him an enema. “Cleanliness is next to Godliness,” she repeated as a mantra.
After the thorouh washing, still in his towel, he was to lie down on his bed and spread his thin legs. Eleanor Hudson inserted the plastic squeeze bottle, instructing him to hold his water. She set the two minute egg timer, he was expected to wait until the sand ran out. He was in pain, sweating and his sweet face was cringing. At last Eleanor excused him to use the facilities. He was to walk, not run to the toilet. The poor overwrought child releived himself. Eleanor wiped his raw bottom and told him to dress.
This and changing his bed sheets was the morning routine. His mother referred to him as ‘Macey’ and he despised it.
“Let’s get this bed made before your father awakens,” she whispered. Mason wet the bed almost every night, it was a great basis for ridicule from his inebriated dad. Leonard drank from the minute he got up, to the time he passed out. He was a miserable person, husband and father. Leonard beat Eleanor on any given day, instigating trouble evey chance he got. He hated her cooking;her ability to keep a clean house; her appearance and the way she smelled. Thus, she showered three times a day, bathed Mason and the baby morning and night. “A good woman revered her husband, bending over backwards trying to please him.”
When he was wasted enough he would pick a fight and the beating would begin. Eleanor locked Mason in the closet while the baby was upstairs in his crib. She also used the closet for punishment when the boy misbehaved.
His parents were past the point of no return. Leonard no longer apologized, brought flowers or gifts, or even acknowledged his loathsome behavior. Mason had no friends because of the state his father was in. He couldn’t visit neighborhood kids because Eleanor spouted the evils of the other children’s mothers.
“You marry a woman that worships you Macey. A woman that doesn’t think marriage is outside of the house. She should be a God fearing woman that treats you with the respect all men deserve.” She would go on and on about how a ‘real’ woman should hold all the responsibility of making her husband happy. Mason half listened, his five-year-old brain could only absorb so much.
The one thing that interested him was anything electronic. Even at his young age he could take apart intricate things and put them back together. His dad mostly let him be, as if he wasn’t there. He was terrified of his fathers temper but it seemed aimed at his mom.
Later around supper time , Mason was in his room disassembling a clock radio. His mother purchased some tiny tools for him, one of the few presents he ever received. He heard his father come in and start yelling at her. She rushed him into the closet and locked it. He could hear the baby wailing upstairs. The fight continued, escalated, then he no longer heard his mothers cries. He did hear his dad slam the basement door. He wondered if his mom was all right, he was petrified something really bad had happened.
Mason stayed in the closet for hours questioning whether his mother would let him out. Late afternoon turned into night, he was still a prisoner. He must have fallen asleep because he woke to a sliver of sunshine under the door. His brother must have cried himself to sleep.
He heard the key in the lock and when the door opened, he gasped at what he saw. Eleanor was beaten so severely that Mason didn’t recognize her. He started to cry hard as his mom just went and lay in a heap on the sofa. He wasn’t sure what to do. He brought her a glass of water and covered her with the multi colored afghan. Mason went upstairs to check on his brother and to see if his dad was still passed out. His dad wasn’t there. He knew the last thing he heard was the basement door…maybe he was down there.
Mason slowly pulled open the squeaky door, started down the uneven, rotted planks they used for stairs. He felt around for the light switch that turned on the single dim bulb. When he found it he suddenly got a lump in his tummy and knew something was terribly wrong. Mason closed his little eyes and flipped on the switch. What he saw before him was horrifying!! His father was hanging from the rafters by a nylon rope. His legs were not touching the ground. Mason knew he was dead.


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