“I always think the insecurity is going to go away, but it’s always there. Only bad writers think they’re good.”
-Harlan Coben



“Penning in the wee hoursof darkness when I’m most alert, creativity is heightened, my mind is charged. I hear the tranquil sounding of precocious birds; dawn is nearing with luminosity and refreshed ideology.”
-B.G. Bradley


“The one thing emphasized in any creative writing course is ‘write what you know’ and that automatically drives a wooden stake through the heart of imagination. If they really understood the mysterious process of creating fiction, they would say, ‘You can write about anything you can imagine.”
-Tom Robbins


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My grandchildren couldn’t get enough of “PEANUTS”

A picture/story book. Teaches shapes and colors in a fun interactive way. Displays Peanuts the elephant covered in an interesting array of different colorful patterns. Zoo goers stop to laugh, he stands humiliated. A young boy steps up convincing passersby “There is nothing wrong with being different.”
10 fantastic pictures!
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