Excerpt-Chapter 16- “Within These Walls”


Peyton was reading and was sure she heard the disarming of the alarm. She was confused for a second. Either they came back early from the game or Skyler had a fight with Katie and came home. She called out, “Who’s there?”, which led him right to her voice.
Hunter walked into the room and she immediately recognized her mugger. She tried to scream but choked on the saliva in her throat. As she was coughing hard he straddled her on the bed and stuffed a foul smelling rag in her mouth, now she wasn’t only choking, she was gagging.
Her eyes were wild with terror and she started kicking, hitting and scratching her assailant.
He instantly over powered her and pulled out three lengths of rope. He rolled her over with ease.
First he sat on her thrashing legs and tied her hands behind her back.
He was so incredibly strong!
She was managing some muffled screams and he chuckled.
Her thoughts were incredulous. How could this be happening and why would the mugger want her dead? Because she called and offered him money? Her mind raced with questions as he tied her legs, so tight that the nylon cut into her skin.
She was still flailing as he half dragged; half carried her towards the dresser.
What in the hell was he doing?
He turned her around until her face was in the mirror, his right next to hers.
He was going to make her watch! She almost fainted at the gruesome idea. But watch what? Her whole body was trembling out of control. He fingered the last length of rope with relish. With one super human arm he held her still, as he slowly wrapped the length of rope around her exposed neck. OH MY GOD! He was going to strangle her!
She tried to turn her head and impede his efforts but he held tight and started to put pressure on the noose. With one hand he twisted the strand of synthetic rope until it tightened that much more. Peyton couldn’t breathe…her eyes bulged, she could see it all like a dream. She gave one last ditch effort to save herself, she fought with all the strength she possessed. He had to compensate and his mask slid partially off his face. Peyton saw the one of a kind smile for the last time.
She started turning purplish blue and her tongue hung out. He snapped three pictures with his cell phone. Finally and blessedly she lost consciousness. He kept on the pressure until he was sure she was dead.
She slumped in his arms, he carried her over and tossed her on the bed.
He had one last thing to do. He went downstairs to the china cabinet, got a desert plate and took it back upstairs.
He placed it upside down over her face, so he never had to look at that bitches face again, unless he wanted to…..


One thought on “Excerpt-Chapter 16- “Within These Walls”

  1. elainecanham says:

    That was thrilling. You really had me hooked.

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