Excerpt from Chapter 5- ‘The Evil Within’

“The Evil Within”-Second novel in trilogy, ‘Poisoned Soul’.
I’m 41,000 words into this second book and writing strong. Enjoy this dream.

‘The dream started with him as just a small child. He was trembling underneath the bed, his small tummy cold against the dusty wood floor. Mason was backed up to the wall as far as he could squeeze.
“Macey!” came the wheezing monsters voice, “I need your help!…….”
He cringed at the misuse of his name and the horrible breathing. The devil mommy was in the bathroom across the hall, she needed something from him. He hated when she needed anything, he hated looking at her. She was purplish green all over, not just her swollen cut face. Her puffy neck had clear hand prints where his father had strangled her. He was shaking uncontrollably and thought she would hear his knees knocking on the bare planks.
“Macey!” she croaked, “I NEED you!…..”
Then it was quiet, too quiet. His breathing sounded like thunder in his ears. Where was the demon mother? Was she slowly dragging her broken and bruised feet towards him? Mason tried to scream but once again, the dream had his voice. It was a good thing; it would give his hiding place away.
“I know where you are, you lttle dickens,” rasped the gutteral sound of a thousand deaths.
He could hear her now coming near his bedroom door; she limped in and stood at the bottom of the bed! He twisted to look, saw its unclipped jagged toenails on the gruesome feet. “God please help me!!” He prayed silently. He flattened himself further against the floorboard, until he labored to catch his breath.
The hellion that used to be his mother bent over the side of the bed with a grunt, to peer under. When the fiend opened its mouth to speak a swarm of hornets emerged from her mouth, buzzing around angrily.
One of Mason’s greatest fears was a wasp and there were hundreds of them! He squirmed out feet first until he was clear of the box springs, stood up on his weak legs and could see over the lump of the comforter to the other side.
He heard hellish screaming as the yellow jackets engulfed the monster stinging it.
He ran from the room as fast as his little feet could go and turned into the living room.
Mason felt faint when he saw his father. His neck was crooked, he was still wearing the noose like some morbid necklace. He didn’t even notice Mason frozen there, he was too busy smashing the skull of their house cat with the wooden stool from the kitchen…….

Mason woke with a start. He was quaking and deeply sobbing. He was rolled up in the fetal position, again on the couch. He must have fallen asleep there. Thank God, Melinda couldn’t see the shape he was in……….’


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