For My Mother-Poem

“For My Mother”

I’ve committed an act so grievously wrong
Worst mistake of my life, all trust is gone
Feeling so morbidly ashamed
Heart and soul forever maimed
Unrelentingly conscience nagged at me
Will never again be truly free

Worst part of all is the hurt she must feel
Pain, indignation, disbelief… all real
Took her love as something due me
Took it for granted so unwisely
I have lost the best part of me
To never return, can clearly see

I’m sorry, is such a pitiful phrase
Shame, guilt, self hatred and malaise
Have an ache in my soul for trespassing
Am just heart sick, it’s all encompassing

Ill never allow myself to forgive
Not sure with these feelings I can live
I cannot reverse the transgression
In my being I’ve imbedded a lesson

Don’t know why I broke our bond
Plead for forgiveness if she’ll respond
Hope our love can withstand and is strong
To forgive, not forget what she knew all along


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