Malia My Lost Child-Poem

“Malia My Lost Child”

To see her bright smile in the morning’s light
Make breakfast and small talk
Laugh with her at the silliest things
Much happiness this brings

To give her a bath and watch her swim
Get out all fresh and clean
Comb her hair styled in a braid
Cutest girl God ever made

Hold her,cuddle the feeling’s bliss
Share pictures on my phone
Just taking her little hand in mine
The world seemed greatly fine

Discover things outside in play
Baking cookies too
Watching Walt Disney while lying down
Contentment I had found

Taken away she is no longer there
Has gone without a trace
Deep love and trust in her eyes of brown
I find nowhere around

No more gazing as she soundly sleeps
No angel with fresh baby breath
On her abandoned coat the tears I’ve shed
I might as well be dead
I’m missing drying her heart felt tears
I love her more each day
The sweet scent of her I love to inhale
Her pillow now smells stale

Malia is gone with others now
She is so far away
Cannot spy her sleepy smile this night
I will pray til the morning’s light


One thought on “Malia My Lost Child-Poem

  1. Annie says:

    I know this feeling so well, I also lost a child. It is a heartbreak you never get over. I’m very sorry for your loss.

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