The Defendant-Poem

“The Defendant”

There I sat with a cast and black eye
Just got small kids down for the night
Tim decided to take the tots for a swim
“Over my dead body,” I yelled at him

We discussed our views in loud voices
Continued to fight, made bad choices
Soon, Westminsters finest pulled up
Domestic situation, the cops abrupt

Got both sides of story mine was in jest
Smart ass me, I was soon under arrest
Handcuffed, shoved into squad car
Was pissed, cussed at my treatment thus far

“I want your badge number,”I threatened the cop
“I’ll sue for false arrest, no I won’t stop”
Assault and battery on who?….on Tim??
Refused to put out cig didn’t touch HIM

Got booked, printed, a soggy sack lunch
Wore old lady undies rolled in a bunch
In population, still with cast and black eye
Word spread around that I battered a guy

I crutched my way across shiny jail floor
Eyes following me, wanting to know more
Came up on a woman looked like a dike
She asked me,”Damn girl what’s he look like?”
Got realeased next day had court appearance
Plead not guilty with no interference
Set jury trial of my peers
Never been in trouble in all my years

With public defender at defendants table
Jury looked at me as if were unable
To batter, assault a serious offense
I was so small, this did not make sense

I bravely testified on my own behalf
Brought up Tims prior abuse, stifled a laugh
Too late, jury heard what I had to say

They filed out to the deliberation space
Came back in 15, looked Tim in the face
Judge read the verdict, not guilty at all
I was a free woman, skipped down the hall


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