My Hero- Childrens Poem

“My Hero”

Watching TV, out of the corner of my eye
Under the table a huge spider I did spy
I looked at him, he stared directly back at me
My heart beat fast, coming towards me I could see

I really screeched and jumped off the chair
He was gaining fast, his legs spiked with hair
The horror I felt as I started to run
I zigzagged, he zigzagged, positively not fun

I circled down the hall, he turned the corner too
Being chased by a spider, what should I do
Screaming I dashed, looked back, swear he grew
Hid myself by the fridge, my heart now in my throat
Cried for my dad, he got up threw down the remote

Pop wondered what the fuss was, came to my rescue
I had held my breath ’til I started turning blue
When the spider saw my daddy he stopped and froze
Arachnid looked him up and down, knows how it goes

Spidy seemed confused , settled to run for the door
My dad, his big boots, bravely squished him on the floor
Mommy came in the kitchen with her eyes opened wide
Calmed my nerves, cleaned the mess, gross I must confide


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