The Dancing Frog- Children’s Poem

“The Dancing Frog”

There was a goofy green frog, Eli was his name
He danced for Princess Malia, it’s how he earned his fame
She cherished sitting on her throne to watch him entertain
He boogied and did back flips, he loved this little game

Eli owned a tiny frog house with everything inside
A couch, a love seat, TV, a bed was double wide
He kept it very tidy with a broom, vacuum and pride
His favorite was his Fry Daddy, for flies deep fat fried

Princess Malia, of course, had a castle on the hill
Waited on hand and foot, she only had to chill
Wore gorgeous dresses and diamond tiaras, at will
But bored with her lavish life, Eli fit the bill
At 3:30 on the dot, the small frog danced everyday
The Princess got so excited, the help did hear her say
She got seated at 3 pm, that is where she’d stay
Right on time came Eli, grooving and twisting all the way

Eli entertained…and the Princess did demand
That the frog be introduced, he kissed her royal hand
The two became fast friends, as quick as fast friends can
She moved his tiny house into the castle, that was grand

Eli and Malia were just as tight as they could be
The frog quit entertaining, a great playmate was he
The Princess was alone no more, perfect for he and she
They lived happily ever after, Eli danced for free


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