A congenial aura
Elated trekking
Intoning treasured verse
Attention beckoning
Diligence provided
Continual checking

Confirming with gauges
Complying with code
Merged flawlessly towards turnpike
Cautious mode
Along breeezed a rig
With a copious load

Heedless of rush hour
He rumbled on by
Remained in his route
To switch didn’t try
He hurled on the brakes
Swerved, she let out a cry

The fish tail and slide
Left black in its track
Furled over in excess
Too dazed for fact
Copper tang on lips
Beginning to act

Sinew taut
Cerebral flailing
Knuckles clenched
Composure failing
Ticker raging
Pent up wailing

Red and blue strobes
Redundant sound
Screeching, wrenching
The pros abound
Flames vaulting, acrid scent
Soot around

One outstretched mitt
Foggy hood right behind
Echoing directives
“You’ll be fine”
Such screaming
Not sure if it’s mine

Hours, minutes
Seconds ticking away
WHOOMF! explosion
Seized them today
Claimed these lives
On the earth they lay

What’s happening
Ascending brilliant light
Are eyes sealed, exposed
Perceiving what’s right
Sense soaring heavenward
A tranquil flight

Radiance entices
No need to resist
While buoyant, wafting
In a cool opaque mist
At last home free
Beseeching those I’ve missed

Brushed against His Grace
Brow’s lightly been kissed


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