Domestic Violence-The Damage

“Domestic Violence- The Damage”

What happened to me in my life
What I have allowed to be forced on me
Silenced my emotional growth
I speak of abuse

Physical, verbal, spiritual
In time I quit feeling
Was emotionally dead

Denied acceptance, love and hope
Caused anxiety and despair
Welcomed loneliness to close the door
On unbelievable hurt and pain
Cursed the world that seemed
Beyond my grasp

Alienated myself to the point of
Being uncomfortable in my own skin
Repeatedly told I was worthless
Made me someone other than myself
I was in a world full of others
But did not exist

Peoples joy brought me tears
Joys I found were sorrowful
The birth of my babies
Into this lonely world
How could I love and protect them
I didn’t love and protect myself

My cries went unnoticed
Confirming what I knew
I no longer mattered
The loneliness was agonizing
A scarred shell of me left behind
To be ridiculed and abused

Detached further from the world
Only wept in my dreams
Where body and mind were safe

No way to escape
No one to turn to
With much strength and bravery
Got out and got help
I moved on

I am alone
You are alone
We are alone together
I am alive and unique
I deserve to live and love


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