Eating Flies-Children’s Poem

“Eating Flies”

On a Lilly pad a frog sat alone
He jumped in the water, a splash he’d known
Frog swam and swam until he met his pal
On another Lilly pad sat Crazy Hal

Hal had ideas, the frog wasn’t sure
His plots were not always completely pure
Frog followed Hal thru the grassy quagmire
They’d gone real far… Frog began to tire

It started to sprinkle very large drops
The two hid in the marsh with a few hops
Hal whispered his plan in Frog’s little ear
To scare Miss Lady it became really clear

Miss Lady was such a beautiful gal
She knew she liked Frog but not ornery Hal
She…always waiting for some sneaky prank
Tired of their shenanigans to be quite frank

The Misses was going to turn the table
Prank those two, she was perfectly able
She set up her scheme in the mossy bog
When here came that Hal, trailing was Frog

Miss Lady was on her favorite pad
She couldn’t help but be a bit mad
Miss Lady cried out! she needed a hand
She led the pair inches from the quicksand

This little caper could have been quite a mess
Miss Lady scared them she was glad to confess
They quickly backed up in total surprise
Three agreed to end pranks…just eat some flies


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