The Crumb On The Floor-Children’s Poem

The Crumb On The Floor

A fat cat chased a tiny mouse
The mouse ran in his little house
House was a small hole in the wall
Waiting puss rolled up in a ball

The sly Tom took a one-eyed nap
The wise mouse avoided the trap
Soon the chubby cat fell asleep
Sneaky mouse gazed out for a peep

The rodent smelled the cheese on the floor
It was right behind the kitchen door
The mouse dared to come out one step
Nose sniffing the air, full of pep

Stepping lightly two, three, four
He readied himself to run some more
The mouse dashed,fast as he could go
The plump feline looked, didn’t know

The mouse got a hold of the crumb
Tom snoring again, what a bum
He tip toed around the big cat
And made it back home just like that


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