Panic The Heart-Poem

“Panic The Heart”

I’m home alone start feeling strange
It”s my heart or a trick of my brain
Sweating, shaking, can’t catch my breath
Heart pounding squeezing is this my death

Got up to walk and colapsed on down
A dizzy blackout I came around
Got back to couch toes were curled and stiff
Arms hurt and were hard to lift

Could this truly be my fate
Dialled 911 before it was too late
Talked to operator, tried to rest
When panicking, breathing deep is best

She asuured me they were on their way
What an ending to a normal day
I hear the wailing drawing nearer
My situation could not be clearer

The pros pulled in, nosy neighbors spied
With all this fuss you’d think I died
Checked me over, heart is in tact
Suffered a severe panic attack

Their magic bus swept me away
Doc said I’ll live another day
For my panic on several pills
Plenty of pharmaceutical refills


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