The Woman On The Corner-Poem

“The Woman on the Corner”

Trial of homelessness strikes close to my heart
It’s so difficult to put down in part
My poor baby daughter a ghost on the street
For a bottle, a meal, she’ll screw men she’d meet

This is such a dangerous way
To live in desperation everyday
The hardest part is watching her die
It’s not the life for her, I wonder why

She is a very hostile, hutrful drunk
Tough love on my part, how low I had sunk
Muscular Dystrophy is part of her plight
She sees only darkness is too tired to fight

She has seizures even when downing booze
Early scerosis, extended abuse
I cry for her at night and worry all day
She calls from jail, detox or a hospital stay

I once had to search for her as ‘Jane Doe’
In a panic I found her, they let her go
I feel so sad and damned confused
My Sarah is out there, dead, alive- I muse

Homeless are people with a goog heart and soul
Whether they choose or not to live this role
I know from experience, they’re good it’s true
Sarah is loving, caring and giving too

She still remains on the unforgiving streets
She doesn’t want help my actions she defeats
I love her so but she wants to die
Attempted suicides, my help she will defy

Sleeps under bridges searches for next drink
Her time runs out, teetering on the brink
My need to help her, she won’t take what I’m giving
My fear is the notice, she’s no longer living.

I wait for the knock at my door, need me to identify
The dead body of my lttle girl, oh sarah why
My heart and soul are shattered
Sarah felt she never mattered


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