The World Moves On-Poem

“The World Moves On”

I’ve got so much pain
To flush from my soul
Indignation, self hatred
Angels they stole
Lifes blood removal
Now beyond my control

The world moves on what is my role

Rehashing the steps
That led up to the past
Confusion, denial
All happened too fast
Rearranging my thoughts
To unborn contrast

The world moves on, I reign in last

Sweet faces and hearts
The love given all mine
Trusting kiddos in place
How the sun did shine
Trials, tribulations
May have smoothed out fine

The world moves on, proof my decline

Final induction
Into family this day
They are theirs completely
To secret away
Dstance traveled each mile
My hopes decay

The world moves on, bleeding will stay

My soul flushes dark
It remains in my heart
My angels are gone
Due to my doubting part
Past mending or fixing
It’s too late to start

The world moves on, forever apart


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