Excerpt “The Evil Within” Mason’s Nightmare / edited and rewritten

Little Mason was six standing over the tub near his two year old brothers dead, floating body…the air permeated with the smell of baby shampoo and chlorine.
Eleanor,his mother, was keening over the murder of her youngest child.
“What have you done to my BABY”…she wailed, “Oh Macey…what have you done?!”
Mason despised when she called him that. He couldn’t stand the grief stricken, loathsome sound, piercing his inner ear drums. He had to escape!
He ran out of the small ruined bathroom, down the hard wood floored hallway and slammed the door to his bedroom. It reverberated in his sick mind.
The dream placed him back in front of the terrifying basement door, dreading, not knowing what horrible entity awaited his arrival. His head was spinning, aching with dread it felt like it would explode. He tentatively touched the knob, he yanked his hand back as if it had burned him. He was petrified but unable to help himself from grasping the knob again and opening the door. It creaked in protest of the unoiled hinges.
The odor and sight of the dank, darkness assaulted his senses. Mold, mildew and pitch black. He tried the light switch to the single, dim, hanging bulb but it was burnt out. He navigated the rotted planks once more descending into the bowels of hell. He reached the bottom of the seemingly endless staircase, squinted his eyes and was petrified as his pupils adjusted to the blackness.
He stopped abruptly straining his ears in the direction of an eerie sound. It was an evil, gleeful, snickering coming from the back of the room still shadowed in black. He felt the tingle of goose bumps raise on his arms and legs, his hair stood up on the nape of his neck. He was hyperventilating… his heart flopping in his chest.
Unexpectedly he recognized the disturbing noise…it was Morgan, his dead brother, he had a menacing giggle that chilled Mason’s bones. He strained his eyes in the area of the creepy resonance. Mason couldn’t see a thing, he wanted to turn and scramble up the steps but his feet wouldn’t move, it was if they were glued to the floor.
The sound started getting nearer, with the added terror of tiny feet dragging on the cracked cement floor. Again, he noticed the faint smell of baby shampoo and chlorine. Mason opened his mouth to scream, the dream stole his voice, he helplessly whispered his defiance. His mind was urging him to flee but he was utterly paralyzed. He looked around frantically and as he turned his head he caught movement in his peripheral vision. His heart was pounding, he felt faint as Morgan came into view.
The baby was grinning sadistically, his little teeth showing and spittle on his chin. His small body was swollen with tub water and tinted with the blue of oxygen deprivation. He was still dripping, a puddle forming at his bare feet, within touching distance of Mason, with the now strong scent of bath water twisting his stomach. He remained frozen with fear as the horrific demon child tittered obnoxiously. Mason’s whole body was shaking violently, as the little hand with purple fingernails grasped his genitals…..
“Mason! Wake up! You’re having a nightmare!” Melanie urged him to wake, joggling him. He was disoriented, perspiring and scared to death.


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