Me In My Work Area

I love working!! It cleanses my soul. It exercises my brain and it leads to an end result. What could be better?
I’m working on an old computer with no internet connection. I have my even older BlackBerry for researh and thesaurus.
Pretty ghetto….but it seems to work:)
Go to library to
publish. Speaking of which. Lulu publishes PDF files immediately and simply.
Smashword is better for word documents.
Formatting for smashwords is very difficult.
I wrote and edited my first novel 15 times. I then formatted with smashwords style guide. I was frustrated and lost! Then I found out u could pay to have these things done for u. I’m on SS for a mental diability and couldn’t afford the help. Then….I found on publishers site they had free help for people in my position or with other problems. The guy finished formatting my book and published it as a Premium book absolutely FREE!
Whew…..that helped. My childrens book was PDF so it was a cinch on Lulu. I’m not looking forward to publishing again soon. All though my extreme stubbornness got me thru it last time.
I’m going to post a few more book covers. Hope you’re not sick of them. I just welcome constructive criticism!!

Happy Reading!


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