I finally signed a contract with a company for my kitchen invention !  They have had my file for a year and a half. I was putting off the calls from them because I just wasn’t ready to go forward and I had put it on the back burner. I’ve been devoting my time to my writing. The first two novels are done! I’m about 15,000 words into the third book. I’m having so much fun 🙂
Anyway …the vice president of production started calling me. I was duly impressed and started taking his calls, come to find out…they were still
interested in my idea. I had several conversations with him (a nice guy) and finally took the plunge.
My invention is in the preproduction stage. I paid a small retainer fee and now looking for three investors for $250 per person. In return I’m offering a 1% royalty. I’m inquiring with family and friends and I wish myself luck. Lol. Sales of around $25,000 would pay them back. I truly feel that it will do really well, it’s a simple yet ingenious product. It will sell next to an item which is a household name. Of course my goal is the millions but hey any PROFIT would be fantastic………


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