My Lost Love

My daughter lives on the streets. She has burnt all bridges sadly choosing alcohol. A month ago she was attacked, robbed, raped, sodomized and dumped in a random back yard.
  Two weeks ago she drank until she was no longer breathing. She was revived and in the ICU.
Last week she slept outside in the cold until her muscular dystrophy had her paralized. She spent five days in the hospital warming and sobering up. I searched for transitional housing only to run up against waiting lists.
She was discharged back to the cold, hard, bleak streets.
In the past she has called me daily whether drunk or sober.
I have not heard a word for ninety six hours. I fear for her safety and precarious life. I’ve filed a missing person’s report …the detective ran a nationwide search. She has had no contact with the law.
I’ve checked hospitals and no sign of her. I feel in my heart, with my mothers intuition that she is no longer alive. Please join myself and many others in saying a prayer for my poor Sarah …



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