Safe at Last

Its been a week today and I finally received word about Sarah. After multiple attempts I got in touch with a Denver detective. He looked on the computer and found that the police had contact with Sarah on a disturbance call and transported her to detox. Thank God she is safe. At least for the time being. Denver Health will keep her for a couple of days and then she will be back on the streets. Sarah had been staying in an abandoned house all week with no access to a phone. (So she says…I think its bull shit about not being able to call me). Homelessness is the saddest thing and there are too many unfortunate souls in this position, whether chosen or not. There are not enough shelters and resources. Its a shame we don’t care for the homeless, for hungry children and for the ill in our own country. The governments priorities are certainly fucked up!!
There are multitudes of individuals and families… living hand to mouth, just one paycheck from the streets.
What can be done? Nothing …until our so called leaders quit hiding behind their power and money. I worry daily about the shape our nation is in and panic about where we are headed ! Enough of that…it just boggles the mind.
I first and foremost stress over my daughters situation. It’s not a good one. I pray for all vagrants with winter setting in. I don’t know how change can come about when most people turn a blind eye.
Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for these lost souls and the United States as a whole.


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