Writer’s Block

I’ve been blocked from writing for some time now. It caused frustration, angst and even some unexpected shame.
When in doubt GOOGLE!!!!!
Yep that’s what I did….
I found suggestions including: Do something else creative, Move your body, Eliminate distractions, Write at bedtime and early in the morning, or Do some free writing.
I decided to clean my writing station, unclutter and even dust screen and keyboard.
Then I sat at the computer…stared for a minute and started instantly typing.
This is what I wrote:

Writer’s Block

OK. I’m writing….ive had writers block ever since sarah was ” missing ” for a week. its been a shameful month since ive written anything. i googled writers block and it had ideas how to get back in the groove so im trying it. im supposed to write whatever comes to mind for a half an hour or so so here goes …
dennis is texting me i think that this is supposed to be uninterrupted. oh well. im also not capitalizing so i can write more smoothly talking about sarah makes me so sad!!! she is living in an abandoned house and has pneumonia and broken ribs… i hate seeing her this way, but theres not much i can do if she doesn’t call me daily I freak out. just freaked out because dennis didn’t call or text me back all morning  part of my fucked up mind ….i can’t help but think the worst all of the time. i wish i wasn’t like this!!! i remember where i left off because i have edited the first 100 pages so at least i was doing something constructive. the dishwasher is so loud compared to beth anne. i stayed with her two nights it was so nice to spend time with her. shes funnier than hell. my mind goes back to sarah. i know thats why i cant write. she is forever on my mind i always feel like shes dead or going to die. its so fucked up. i wish she could stay here but she doesnt want to quit otherwise she would. back to the book. its hard writing in the middle of a trial. to keep it interesting but also informational. at least im writing this it feels good to be typing again!!! tomorrow i will start working on my book i wont have any trouble writing i will just relax and work!!! just got another text from dennis i think i will stop now and look forward to tomorrow.

Well….I got up today and did my usual morning routine. Then I searched through many notebooks to find the list of defense witnesses. There she was…Caroline Christine Spencer.
I started writing and didn’t stop for two hours! I’m back in the swing of things…
If you’re ever blocked use this idea it certainly worked for me!!
Happily writing,
B.G. Bradley


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