Excerpt from “Without Remorse”

  Mason and his defense attorney in DID insanity case…..

Mason was sitting in his cell with his bruised, bandaged head cradled in his hands. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him.
  The guard called out ‘Hudson’ and he went out the door, into the long room with phones and bullet proof glass.
Harvey was holding the receiver and Mason picked up the other end.
“I don’t know what to do…I’m damned either fucking way it goes.”
“I’m sorry Mason, but life in the San Lamas prison would be an easier, more quality life than a regular prison.”
“Quality?? With a bunch of insane fuckers? I really will go crazy.”
“This prison will have medications, therapy…professional help Mason.”
“To mother fucking hell with meds and therapy Harv…I’m not crazy!!”
Harvey had come to believe that Hunter Cook did exist. He knew he was dealing with Mason right now, but God help the world when Cook surfaced.
“You’re not crazy Mason, you’re sick. Maybe through pharmaceuticals and counseling they can get to the root of your disorder and eradicate Hunter Cook. They know more now about treating mental illness.”
“I’m not fucking crazy Harvey!!”
“You may not remember the things Cook has done but you know they’re true. He’s killed eight people Mason and mutilated some of them. Personally I’m terrified of you and your dark side. I’m thankful this is almost over.”
Harvey felt brave enough through the glass to be honest with Hudson.
“Well…you’ve done a bang up job Harvey. I guess I should be thanking you, but I don’t feel much gratitude at the moment. It’s just a case to you, but it’s the rest of my life in fucking hell!”
Mason’s eyes started to shift. His body became stiff, sweat was beading on his forehead and he began hyperventilating.
Harvey dropped the receiver. He witnessed hell in Mason’s face. It was Hunter staring back at him, his eyes red rimmed and vacant.
Harvey’s bowels loosened, his heart was hammering, he jumped to his feet, tipping over the chair and hurried down the long room.

  Six hours passed and still no verdict.
Harvey Rehnquist called Judge Randall and asked for a meeting at his house, stating that it was an emergency.
“This is rather unconventional Harvey, what’s up?”
“It is something that I need to see you in person about, regarding Hudson and it can’t wait another minute.”
Randall agreed to meet Harvey on his front porch in twenty minutes.
“Thanks Judge…I’ll see you real soon…”


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