“Anything Polka Dot”

Polka Dot, Polka Dot – a one pony show
Strange name for a child but she loves it so
Cheerful wee girl with sweet smile aglow
Adores all round shapes, wants you to know

Her twenty one garments sport assorted dots
Basic eight pair of footwear, blue and white spots
Gaudy bows for her hair, with colored rings, lots
Dot sees spheres imbedded in her eyes and thoughts

Blankets, curtains, guess what, dots and lace
The spotted mouse toy for the kitty to chase
Walls with orbs and specks on all space
In the right light they reflect on your face

Dot’s off to school with a polka dot hat
Coat, umbrella with spots, imagine that
Polka dotted notebooks, pencils and backpack
Rides pink spotted two wheeler, parks in bike rack

Poor Polka Dot started feeling sickly ill
Sent to school nurse where she refused a pill
Saw the Doc, calamine lotion at will
Spots! Chickenpox! Dot’s notable thrill


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