Lighten My Mood

I posted some silly poetry to lighten my mood. I’ve been up since 3 am worrying. Yes, about Sarah …
Since I last updated her meager existence, life has gone downhill. My daughter is still surviving on the streets of Denver, Co. The temperature right now is 18°. Last week she tripped getting off the city bus, probably drunk. She broke her jaw and got six stitches in her chin.
You may be asking why she doesn’t stay with me. She has burned all of her bridges and I’ve been practicing “tough love”. It hasn’t worked and I’m afraid she will not survive. I’m on social security for a mental illness. Schizoaffective disorder , generalized anxiety and agoraphobia. I live with my boyfriend of three years. I’ve been trying to help Sarah since she was 13, when her father hung himself. She has had drug and alcohol addictions and been in and out of trouble with the law.
I’m so desperate to save her life I am on housing lists, hoping to get my own place. I’m willing to give up my relationship to help Sarah once more.
She slept under a bush last week and with her muscular dystrophy affected by the cold, she drinks to self medicate and gain control of her muscles.
I love her with all of my being and don’t know how I would go on without her. Please pray for Sarah and pray that I can get shelter for the two of us.  Stress is high. Anxiety is high. I’m determined to save her life….


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