“Can Only Take So Much. “

Stress the silent killer
Strapped for cash it always seems
Unpaid notice from biller
Repossessed, foreclosed and liens

Days of paranoid waking
Job, kids, homestead, health
Don’t realize why you’re quaking
Balancing act takes real stealth

The bill collectors calling
Day and night relentless rings
Repetitive thoughts and stalling
Heart palpitations it brings

Running wild are kids and spouse
Brats no control…wish spending
To what do I owe this life
For certain nightmares pending

Have a job, work hard all day
But look where it has gotten me
Bust my butt for little pay
I’m trying can they not see

Take the car, shut off the lights
No water to shower here
Toll of stress reaching new heights
The level is not clear

This whole damn world needs a change
Added stress we just can’t bear
Government needs to rearrange
Big Brother keeps us here


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