Excerpt from “Without Remorse”

Hunter Cook… Mason’s alter ego and killer is locked up. He still manages to take advantage of a delusional, suicidal inmate in the next cell….

Hunter was in his cell. He whispered to Gus to come to the bars so they could talk. Gus was thrilled that this new inmate was taking an interest in him.
“What do you want?” Gus said this in a low voice.
How are you feeling today you God damned worthless piece of shit?”
“Begging your pardon?”
“I called you a worthless piece of shit. You know it’s fucking true Gus.”
“Um…um…” Gus was confused and started sweating profusely.
“Um is no answer, you no good waste of a human body.”
“Uh..I-I don’t think I want to talk to you anymore.”
“Why don’t you just do it?” Hunter was quietly urging Gus.
“Do what man?”
“Kill yourself. Everyone would be better off if you did.”
“I do want to die!!”
“Gus it would be real easy and you would be out of your pain forever.”
Hunter was still whispering and thought this was going better than planned. He chuckled to himself.
” You know everyone hates you and wishes you were dead…”
“They do?” Gus started silently sobbing and hung on every word Hunter was telling him.
“I made you a present and I’ll tell you how to use it.”
“A present for me?” Gus continued to softly cry.
“Remember how hated you are. No one wants you the fuck around Gus.”
” I just want to be dead but there is no way to do that…they made sure of that.”
“Fuck them Gus. I know how you can do it. Are you fucking chicken?”
“No one ever called Gustoff chicken. I’m not sure I understand.”
  “You’re a fucking dumb bastard that doesn’t deserve to live. I’d like to take a healthy shit in your neck you filthy, sorry prick!”
Hunter was using his most hurtful words and having fun torturing this man.
“I would hate to be you Gus…you have nothing to live for. You’re a gutless son of a bitch!”
“I’m not scared of dying!”
“Here take this through the bars and give me your sheet.”
Gus did as he was told.
“What is it??”
“It’s the answer you’ve been searching for. You know I hate you too, don’t you?”
Hunter passed him the homemade noose he had made by braiding strips of his sheet.
“Now you can hang yourself and make everyone happy Gus. God wants you to do this!”
“I want this more than anything!How….how?”
“Be quiet you dumb ass mother , we have to whisper.”
Hunter looked up and down the hall and no one was there. Here came the hard part.
“See the bars way up on your window? Climb up on your sink and tie the loose end to those bars.”
“I don’t know if I can reach it.”
” You can do it Gus. Peace is only a few minutes away. Tie it fucking tight!”
Gus carefully climbed on his sink. He had to tip toe and lean way to the left to latch the loose end. It was just long enough to do the job.
“Is it fucking tight Gus? Its gotta be tight. You’re almost free.”
“It’s tight.”
“Remember this is the right thing to do…now put the other end around your stupid fucking neck.”
“It’s on. Now I know what to do…thank you Mason and please don’t hate me…”
“You have to jump really hard Gus, and everyone fucking hates you !!”
Gus jumped. His body banged against the wall as his neck snapped.
Hunter couldn’t see but he heard success. He heard slight movement and knew Gus’ feet and arms were moving ever so slightly while he died.
Hunter came in pants, relief flooding through his body and consciousness. The pent up rage ebbing away.
Mason came to on the floor and wasn’t sure what just happened .


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