“The Woman On The Corner”

Trial of homelessness strikes close to my heart
It’s so difficult to put down in part
My poor baby daughter, a ghost on the street
For a bottle, a meal, she’d screw men she’d meet

This is such a dangerous way
To live a desperate life everyday
The hardest part was watching her die
Not the life I’d have chosen, I wonder why

She was a very hostile and hurtful drunk
Tough love on my part, how low had I sunk
Muscular dystrophy was part of her plight
She saw only darkness, was too tired to fight

She had seizures while downing her booze
Early scerosis, extended abuse
Cried for her at night, I worried all day
She called from jail, detox, a hospital stay

I once had to search for her as Jane Doe
In a panic I found her, back out she’d go
I felt destroyed and damn confused
My Sarah was out there, with who I mused

Homeless people have a good heart and soul
Whether they choose or not to take on this role
I know from experience that this is true
Sarah’s loving, caring and giving too

She cried to me that I loved her no more
I wrote her a poem to convince and implore
Her to live and I loved her…I swore
I need her to believe, love streams from my core


One thought on ““The Woman On The Corner”

  1. tjmcfee says:

    Reblogged this on brainsections and commented:
    I can’t imagine being a parent of a homeless person. Yes, there are some good people on the street, hope they will take care of her. T.J.

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