Update on Sarah

The involuntary commitment fell through the cracks. The woman in charge of IC’s for the state didn’t get back to me before Sarah’s five day emergency hold was over. So she went back out on the streets. She is now at Swedish Medical Center. Wednesday night she got so drunk that an ambulance took her to the critical care unit. They had to intubate her again.
I’m on my way to visit her with my sister in law. Poor little thing. Somehow she fractured her nose… so she has a broken jaw, ribs and nose. I’ve got written statements from family and friends expressing their concerns about Sarah. I will have to pursue an IC again next time she goes to detox.
I’m not looking forward to facing my daughter in front of a judge, trying to have her committed, but it is my only option to save her life. I pray it works this time. I love Sarah with all of my heart and can’t sit by and watch her die. There have been three close calls and I don’t want a fourth. Here’s a pic of how beautiful she is and another in the bad shape she was in last week. I want to see  her normal and happy again.

Excerpt continued …

Mason had no idea that Vanessa even existed, no recollection of the conversation.
“I want to move on to your mother.”
“Fuck! This just gets worse by the God damned minute, Doc!”
“You told me that your mother gave you an enema every morning, is this true?”
“Hell yes it’s true, my ass hurt all the time!”
“I think we’re done here for the day Hudson, put your mask on the shelf and skedaddle.”
“Fine with me but we just got started, Doc.”
“I just remembered an important report I’ve got to write and soon, we can meet tomorrow at the same time.”
“I thought it was three times a week.”
“Well I’ve just decided it will be every day until I tell you different, Hudson.”
Mason placed his partially worked on mask  on the shelf and turned to the doc.
“Can you tell ME about Chief and Shultzie?”
“Where did you hear those names Hudson?”
“Around…and I’m curious about other DID patients.”
“That’s none of your concern and a breach of confidentiality. Now get out of here.”
Mason left feeling confused and as if he had just come out of a fugue. He knew he had lost some time in there but wasn’t sure how.

Dr. Weston went directly to Warden Strickland’s office. He knocked hurriedly.
“Come,” she said.
The doctor was flushed and out if breath.
“Adele I’ve just come from a session with Mason Hudson and it was astounding!”
“Calm down Dean, before you have a coronary. What happened?”
“A third alter surfaced! That makes two new ones in the last couple if weeks! At first I was terrified when his eyes were dilating in rhythm; I thought Hunter Cook was surfacing.”
“So you’re 100% sure he’s DID and not faking?”
“This third alters name is Vanessa. I took her vitals and they were well within the normal range but seconds later I took Hudson’s and the readings were absolutely different. He also has no clue Vanessa exists.”
“What role does Vanessa fill?”
“She’s a twenty something, seductive, sexy female that had sex with Leonard Hudson.”
“Taking the place if the child…” said Adele.
“Right…I also believe Eleanor Hudson knew it was going on. Vanessa said oral sex and sodomy, which was why she applied enemas, to wash away the sin.”
“How distressing and heartbreaking , Dean.”
“It is no wonder the man has DID.  Didn’t have a chance as a child.” 
“What about Hunter and killing things …what’s that all about?”
“Rage, control and relieving pressure.”
“You have your work cut out for you Dean.”
“I’m seeing him daily from now on.”
“Will that cut too much into your schedule; I know it’s super tight.”
“I can squeeze him in …I’m not sure I ever want to meet Hunter Cook though.”
“Well my God Weston…are you really scared of him?”
“Damn right I am. Cook is a killing machine!”
“The guards are right outside your door,  yell and they are in there.”
“I wonder if we jumped the gun moving him into the general population.”
“Don’t second guess my authority Dean, that wouldn’t do.”
“Yes ma’am.” He knew who was boss.
“Speaking on my fear of Hunter Cook, I’ve come up with his treatment plan and need to have it approved.”
“I’ve got fifteen minutes Dean.”
“I think I’ve established a strong therapeutic relationship and a safe environment. Hudson and I need to discuss appropriate boundaries and ECT, (electroconvulsive therapy).”
“Which is used when patients are a severe threat to themselves or others and are too dangerous to wait for medications to take effect…yes I know all of this Weston.”
“I’ve started him on lithium but I’m afraid it only makes him feel more restrained and managed.”
“I tend to agree with you. Go ahead and take him off the lithium and I approve the ECT.”
“Then we will develop no-harm contracts, get an understanding  of his personality structures, work through traumatic material, develop some mature psychological defenses and lastly integrate the states of self.”
“Sounds like a good plan. Let’s start him on the ECT tomorrow… with Hunter Cook that is our priority.”
“Well thanks Adele for the approval, we’ll get started as soon as he is tested.”