Death Wish

Just got back from hospital visiting my daughter Sarah. She drank so much 80 proof vodka that her BAL was 652. She intends on drinking herself to death. Living on the frigid streets of Denver with a death wish. She’s been in ER’s and detoxes over 60 times.
I live daily in fear for her life but tough love can be really tough.
Sarah’s dad committed suicide when she was 13. He hung himself but she didn’t see it.
Ever since that early age she has been in trouble with the law and had many addictions. She’s been a lost soul. Therapy was ineffective for her. She was in denial.
My baby has suffered so, thru these years. She is at the end of her saddening life. She just wants to die and yesterday she almost did.
My last ditch effort to save her is to have her involuntarily committed thru the courts. That’s what I’m in the process of doing. They put Sarah on a five day hold to give me time to do what needs to be done. Please say a prayer for Sarah …..


One thought on “Death Wish

  1. Margret says:

    I will have her in my prayers. I know how hard and complicated the situation will be. My youngest went through the same and we have to committed him and he didn’t talk to us for a while, but it works. Have faith and God will save your baby like He did to mine. Today my son is in college and a healthy young man. My prayers for you and your girl….

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