My Query Letter

I am seeking representation for the series “Poisoned Soul”.

An epic trilogy in which the main character and antagonist, Mason Hudson, is afflicted with Dissociative Identity Disorder, one of his alters being a serial killer, as Mason is unaware of the explicit, gruesome murders he has committed, which propels himself and the public into dealing with this harrowing tale.

Mason Hudson AKA Hunter Cook share a body but have a separate conscience. Cook, the shrewd murderer ends the life of a beloved character. He stumps the law, evades capture but eventually, with the dedication of private investigator Benjamin Walker, faces our justice system. This first novel “Within These Walls”, lands Hudson/Cook in court with a shocking verdict.
With established characters and sub plots Cook goes on to slaughter and mutilate his way into becoming a serial killer. Protagonist Kevin Reinhardt brings Mason down in an exhilarating police standoff, which puts Mason behind bars at the close of the second novel ” The Evil Within”.
Courtroom drama opens “Without Remorse” where an insanity verdict is unanimous and Mason is sentenced to four consecutive life terms in a prison for the criminally insane. This final novel is mixed with new colorful, crazy characters. With Mason’s ideation of escape and sessions with Dr. Weston, the tale remains amazing and addicting… with a surprise ending.

I have published poetry in an anthology by Eiber&Wein
I blog at

I thank you for your time in reading my query letter.

Bernadette Rivera    


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