Got to Wyoming about 10 or 10:30. Met the kids at visitor center on Air Force Base. It was so amazing to see them!! They actually had the same sweet, remembered smell. It was my daughter Nicole, my son in law Kevin , my cousin – her 6 month old (adorable ) and her fiancé. And of course my grandkids 🙂
We had a great lunch and then went to the mall. I couldn’t help but hug, kiss and just touch Malia and Elijah (make sure it wasn’t a dream)
We saw Paddington (don’t waste your money) and Elijah sat on my lap the whole time. I held Malias hand through a lot if the movie.
It did my old heart wonders just being near them. Then we walked around the mall, they rode some rides and before I knew it was time to go. We had a long drive back.
The day had flown by and Malias  little face fell when my daughter announced it was time to go. A seven year old directed us from the mall back to the base. It was cute. We pulled in and they got loaded in their mini-van. Couldn’t hug and kiss them enough!
They were in the back in their booster seats and Malia started to cry. It was heart breaking!! I raised them for four years and it was hard to let them go. Their family is moving to Georgia next month.
I wouldn’t give up today for the world but it opened old wounds. I pray that it didn’t do the same to them. I miss them already!! It will be a long time before I see their sweet faces again… God please take care of them and lead them through a happy , fulfilling life.
I can still look forward to phone calls and pictures but it won’t be the same…my heart and soul hurt but they healed once and they will again.


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