Eiber&Wein Publishing

I just received a letter that my poem “Grasping At Straws” has advanced to the next round of judging. If it’s published it will be in an anthology “Who’s Who in American Poetry”.
They have published my poem “In Full Bloom” in another anthology. It was the first work to get published, other than self publishing. It would be an honor if they publish “Grasping At Straws” but it would be a thrill to win the 3,000 dollar prize money.
I’ve put my poetry on the back burner. I’ve submitted 51 queries, for my thriller series, in three days and I’m continuing to work on the third book in my trilogy. I’ve got 52,000 words and the first and second book have right around 75,000. I still have a lot to do, but wish me luck with the poem…..:-)

B.G. Bradley


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