Update on Sarah


Sarah is living on the streets of Denver. She has survived rape, alcohol poisoning , hypothermia and just the day to day life. Its an unforgiving world in which we live …especially for a vagrant.
She’s tired of the life although deep down it fulfills some kind of idea of freedom.
She has slept outside under bushes in the snow , (with her muscular dystrophy ), in garages, under a truck that was temporarily warm, in plywood lean two’s, stairwells, and endlessly rode the city bus for warmth.
She sustains a mostly liquid diet but does eat when there’s a chance.
She’s been hanging out with a native american man for  protection. We’ll call him Joe.
At first they took care of each other and shared companionship… until he turned abusive when drunk. Some protection. Joe put her in the hospital with staples in her head. He punches her and her face usually shows the markings.
Sarah has been amazingly strong, like her counterparts out there.
Well Joe hit her for the last time two nights ago. She has been with me since.
Why don’t I let her live with me…you ask?
Sarah does not want…or is convinced she can’t …stop drinking.
When there’s drinking there’s drama. Always drama….
For those two nights I didn’t have to lay in bed worrying and wondering. When she fell asleep in my warm bed she looked like an angel. I watched her sleep and my love just poured out for her. It was fantastic having her near me. She’s 26 but will always be my baby girl!
In those two days we came up with a course of action. Sarah is going to stay with her uncle on her dads side. He goes by Junebug and is an excellent man.
He lives in Topeka Kansas and Sarah is leaving to go live with him. She will be warm, cared for and I am eternally hopeful that she will take advantage of a fresh start.
I love Sarah more than mere words can explain.
She will be taking the Greyhound on Monday.
She has one tattered bag of belongings.
I pray she can turn her life around living with her uncle.
I have 17 years of sobriety but remember my drinking days well. It numbs the heart and murders the soul.
An extra prayer from you would be fantastic….after prayer is all that there is left. I have pride and faith in her and miss my little girl.

B.G. Bradley


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