Sarah Update

Sarah has been in jail for five days. She was questioned by the police and gave them her sisters name. They found out somehow, ( I wish I knew), and arrested her. Sarah doesn’t appear until the 23rd.
I’m torn.
I hate for her to be locked up but at least I know she’s warm, fed, sober and has a place to lay her head.
Before jail she was hanging on the streets with Joe even though he abuses her. She decided not to go to Kansas for her own reasons. It might have been a good opportunity to straighten herself out. Deep down…I believe she likes being a vagrant and the lifestyle that goes along with it. She’s a renegade and tough as nails!
Spring is finally here, bringing warmer weather and easing the outdoor life. I can continue to emotionally support Sarah but all other attempts at helping her have failed. She chooses this life. She chooses to drink. Its not my choice.

B.G. Bradley


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