Excerpt from Chapter 5- ‘The Evil Within’

“The Evil Within”-Second novel in trilogy, ‘Poisoned Soul’.
I’m 41,000 words into this second book and writing strong. Enjoy this dream.

‘The dream started with him as just a small child. He was trembling underneath the bed, his small tummy cold against the dusty wood floor. Mason was backed up to the wall as far as he could squeeze.
“Macey!” came the wheezing monsters voice, “I need your help!…….”
He cringed at the misuse of his name and the horrible breathing. The devil mommy was in the bathroom across the hall, she needed something from him. He hated when she needed anything, he hated looking at her. She was purplish green all over, not just her swollen cut face. Her puffy neck had clear hand prints where his father had strangled her. He was shaking uncontrollably and thought she would hear his knees knocking on the bare planks.
“Macey!” she croaked, “I NEED you!…..”
Then it was quiet, too quiet. His breathing sounded like thunder in his ears. Where was the demon mother? Was she slowly dragging her broken and bruised feet towards him? Mason tried to scream but once again, the dream had his voice. It was a good thing; it would give his hiding place away.
“I know where you are, you lttle dickens,” rasped the gutteral sound of a thousand deaths.
He could hear her now coming near his bedroom door; she limped in and stood at the bottom of the bed! He twisted to look, saw its unclipped jagged toenails on the gruesome feet. “God please help me!!” He prayed silently. He flattened himself further against the floorboard, until he labored to catch his breath.
The hellion that used to be his mother bent over the side of the bed with a grunt, to peer under. When the fiend opened its mouth to speak a swarm of hornets emerged from her mouth, buzzing around angrily.
One of Mason’s greatest fears was a wasp and there were hundreds of them! He squirmed out feet first until he was clear of the box springs, stood up on his weak legs and could see over the lump of the comforter to the other side.
He heard hellish screaming as the yellow jackets engulfed the monster stinging it.
He ran from the room as fast as his little feet could go and turned into the living room.
Mason felt faint when he saw his father. His neck was crooked, he was still wearing the noose like some morbid necklace. He didn’t even notice Mason frozen there, he was too busy smashing the skull of their house cat with the wooden stool from the kitchen…….

Mason woke with a start. He was quaking and deeply sobbing. He was rolled up in the fetal position, again on the couch. He must have fallen asleep there. Thank God, Melinda couldn’t see the shape he was in……….’


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Within These Walls- Chapter 10

Skyler and Cameron arrived at the hospital. Traffic was a headache and he didn’t think she knew how to drive. She didn’t get that from mom or dad, they were both excellent drivers. Maybe she took after one of her old grandmas. They asked at the front desk where their mom would be, she was still in emergency. They hadn’t moved her yet. They went to the ER and found her in cubicle one. They had discussed how to act on the way over. Don’t freak out for one,act brave, don’t cry and have high spirits for her sake.
Peyton smiled ear to ear when she saw her kids. Cameron looked sharp in hi new clothes, Skyler looked like she was trying her hardest to be brave. The hugs had to wait, her ribs were too sore but they kissed her on the cheek and laughed.
They were dying to know what happened but didn’t want to push her into something she did not want to talk about. Skyler blurted out, “Oh mom, what happened?” Cameron rolled his eyes at his sister, that hadn’t lasted very long.
“I got mugged and my Gucci bag was stolen. Everything that was precious to me in my purse.”
“Mom….I think I can relate, I would just die if I lost my purse!”
“That’s why you carry a little bit and put it in your pocket!” Cameron was so sincere they giggled at him, “It’s true!”
Peyton told them everything except for calling the perp. She would have to take that to the grave.
“Oh, how completely awful mother!”
Now it was Cameron’s turn to laugh, she never called her mother. They were both worried about her ribs.”They’ll hurt for a while but they should heal within a few weeks.”
“What about work?”
“I haven’t really discussed that with Brian yet.”
“Well we’ll take care of you mom, it can’t be any worse than when Ellie was a puppy.”

Hunter cook was a delusional man. Besides stealing her blind, he was planning on killing her. She’d seen his face disguise or not… He couldn’t leave any loose ends or take any unnecessary risks. The how and the when were yet to be decided.
It arroused him thinking about it; maybe he would rape her too. That would be the icing on the cake. Have my cake and eat it too he thought wryly.
A few more beers and he’d be downright drunk. He did his best thinking when he was drinking. He had to decide how to do it, where to do it and when. Big decisions!
Well he needed to take a leak and grab another brewsky, then he was going to bed. He wondered what- if anything the cops were doing. He was superior to the cops and a lot smarter, they were just a bumbling, donut eating, fucked up joke. He was proud of his clear righteous mind.

It was time for the kids to go, visiting hours were over, besides Peyton was wiped out.
Mac came back and told the kids goodbye. She would stay for a while longer until their mom fell asleep, then she would meet them at home. They said their good nights Skyler and Cameron left.
“Hopefully you can find the gas pedal on the way home!”he cracked himself up.
The cops had stopped by earlier and ‘Brian the bulldog’ wouldn’t let them near her.
“She was asleep , in a delicate condition,didn’t need harangued that night, come back tomorrow.”

Officers Gage and Welton were assigned to the case. Just a mugging, no big deal…they wanted a real case. They had questioned regulars on the mall, a transient guy and others but they finally got lucky when they talked to the corner musician. The guy they were after hung out, listened to him play, left him a dollar then disappeared around the corner. He did have a description for them. The guy was 5’10” to 5’11”, weighed maybe 180, he was Caucasian, black beard with mustache-that sort of looked fake, brown eyes, a grey hoody, jeans, wife beater and white Adidas tennis shoes. He also had an inch scar under his right eye that looked like it had been bad.
“Not much to go on,” mentioned Gage, “muggings are a dime a dozen, they’re just making it a big thing because she was a rich prominent doctor.”
Gage was only 25, tall and thin, broad shouldered, blonde haired, blue eyed, friendly face, with unfortunate acne scars from youth.
Welton was his pole opposite. 56, chunky build, brown thinning hair(a soft spot with him), dark brown eyes, narrow shouldered, bad postured, pot bellied, reddish faced with squinted eyes and thinned lipped.
They’d been partners for three years and complimented eachother. They worked long hard hours and never had anything too exciting to report to their wives.
This case was a dead end. There were too many that fit that description(except for the scar), no vehicle, no prints or video. Not saying they were giving up but not saying they were trying very hard either.
When they met the doctor the next day her beauty took them aback. Her description of her assailant was, almost identical but still a dead end. They relayed to her what they thought and read disappointment all over that gorgeous face.

Hunter woke hungover. He immediately popped open a beer, poured some vodka in his coffee and lit up a joint. The perfect way to get his day kick started. Throughout his sleepless night he had decided on strangulation. It showed power, resolve, it was slow and pleasingly barbaric. He was glad he made up his mind on that aspect. He had the how…now just the where and when.
It was exhilarating planning a murder, you just couldn’t get caught. He had plenty of faith in his aptitude. He needed to go stare in the mirror for awhile…get in touch with himself and admire the great attributes he had been blessed with. It was so nice to be him and not crowded by others. He changed his socks for the fourth time that day, his mothers words squeezing his cerabellum. ‘Cleanliness was next Godliness’, among other bizarre beliefs. Hunter carried her with him no matter how he tried to rid his mind and soul of her. She would be exceedingly proud of him. This he was sure of…..
Peyton had a nightmare. She was floating and something evil was chasing her. She couldn’t remember much more than that but it was somehow foreboding. She shook off the dream and sat up too fast. She had forgotten about her ribs but boy did that remind her.
She wondered how the kids were.
Mason wouldn’t have been able to get ahold of her last night- no phone. Maybe she would have Mac call him. He needed to be aware of what was going on even though he wasn’t there to help. She hoped they weren’t working him too hard. Peyton missed him and his level head. She needed to find out about being released to work. It would probably be at least a week.
You know…the more she thought about what those two idiot cops told her, the angrier and more agitated she got. She was going to have to do something about it. Call their superiors. They were cops too and would most likely feel the same way.
Mac called, she had gotten ahold of Mason at work. She filled him in on everything, he threatened to take a flight out that night but Kevin sternly asked him not to leave. He promised to call her that night, in the hospital or at home. His concern for her was sad because he could not do anything. She couldn’t wait to hear his voice!
Peyton decided that if the authorities were going to drop the ball, she would take matters into her own hands.
That son of a bitch just couldn’t get away with it, she could just imagine what he was doing with her personal information. If he had any computer savvy.
She had never put too much stock in private investigators but maybe she would try one. What was that unlikable persons name? She couldn’t remember. He was such a pain but might do a good job for her. Benjamin! That was it. Ummm what was his last name? Walker….he’d be needing one soon , that’s what made her think of it. She laughed at her own sick joke.
Benjamin Walker. Should she look it up or wait to get it from her files. Surely the sooner the better before the trail got cold, if there was a trail. Poor Mackenzie she’d asked her to do so much already. Maybe she would get his number. She would have to call him first thing in the morning. Between the pain medication, healing, stress and actual pain she decided to take a nap.

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Chapter Nine – ‘Within These Walls’
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Peyton cringed during the rough ride in the ambulance to the hospital, her breathing was still labored and she was sore from being knocked down so hard.
When they arrived in the emergency room, the whole staff had heard sketchy details of what happened to Dr. Hudson.
She got immediate attention even though the ER was crowded. They rolled the gurney into exam room #1. The Dr. on duty was an acquaintance of hers; his name was Dr. Brian Hartley. He was an excellent ER Doc with over twenty years under his belt. Hi Peyton, may I call you that?”
“It is my name Brian,”she weakly laughed, “Oh, that hurt!”
“As you know, fractures of the ribs rarely show up on X-rays; however we need to look for any complications in your chest. We will treat you for fractured ribs even if they’re not. Start you on some Percocet so you can more easily breathe and cough.”
He examined her more by feel than anything else. He concluded that ribs one, two and three on her right side were injured. You are also aware that if it is three or more ribs, it’s considered a severe injury. After X-ray has its way with you we will fit you with a rib belt.”
“Is all of this completely necessary?”she inquired.
“It’s true that doctors make the worst patients you’re going to have to go along on this one with me on this one Peyton. I’m going to list the possible complications that are related to this type of injury. An X-ray will definitely rule out most of them but I want you to be aware.”
A nurse came in with a small paper cup,
“Take these Dr. Hudson, it’s Percocet for the pain and Ibuprofen for the swelling.”
Peyton obeyed, stung by his comment about Dr.s making the worse patients.
“Ok Brian let me have it.”
“First are injuries to blood vessels. Also the chance of a puncture to the aorta and lung. With the top three injured there’s the possibility. Not probable but possible.”
“Oh my God,”Peyton moaned, “I never realized what a serious affliction this is.”
This is all she needed right now…
When she finished talking to Dr. Hartley, she felt gloomier than ever. She wondered if Mac got her message. She also needed to call Skyler and let her and Cameron know what was going on.
“You what?You got mugged, mom? Are you ok? Who did this, did they catch him? Oh mom I’m so sorry! I’ll get Cameron and well come right over.”
“No hurry sweetheart, they’ll probably keep me overnight. I’ll ask Mac to stay with you two.”
The medication and the events of that evening made Peyton tired. She was going to take a small nap until Mackenzie arrived.


Hunter was sitting on his threadbare couch. He was on his third beer. Catching a slight buzz. He had the purse setting next to him just staring at it. This was just the beginning of an intricate plan. He detested Peyton Hudson and everything she stood for. Rich bitches in men’s jobs. She should be home raising her kids. That was what women were for.
Well…he’d let the anticipation build up long enough. He grabbed the expensive bag and sat it on his lap. He was going to relish this!
First, it smelled like pricy perfume. Nothing but the best for Dr. Hudson. Then he grabbed a smallish computer, it was a Kindle Touch. He could just imagine what kind of secrets were hidden in that.
It was a good thing he knew how to hack anything. He would reserve that for later.
The next thing he found was an old pack of Marlboro Light 100’s and a gold Zippo lighter. The good Doc was a closet smoker. He roared with laughter. This was getting good!
He reached further in thGucci bag(it read Gucci all over it) and came out with a solid gold hand mirror. No doubt from her filthy rich family. She had a brush, a comb and three 14K gold hair clips. He would like to strangle her with her precious hair!
That was all the big stuff. There were tons of little things like lipsticks, mascara, some kind of powdered concealer, pens and at the very bottom he found what would mortify her had she known he was touching it. A small compact vibrator. He again roared with delighted laughter.
This just kept getting better and better! It was a deep bag. Who knew what else he would find. There were zipper pockets and he opened one. A shooter of peppermint schnapps. She not only secreted cigarettes, she was a closet drinker too. This was getting rich. He was getting aroused with the little surprises she kept in her purse. She certainly never expected anyone to be going thru it.
After that it was anticlimactic…there was just junk. Business cards, candy wrappers, a toothpick, some spare change and a letter he had missed. He wasn’t going to read it right now. He’d already seen too much. Hunter grabbed another beer, downed the shot of schnapps and went to get something to eat. He was starving! He had major plans to make but he had a few days in which to do it. Couldn’t rush genius.


Peyton was awakened by Macs one of a kind voice. It was low, raspy, sexy and had that very slight Irish accent.
“If it wasn’t for bad luck you would have no luck at all pal,”she teased, “I know you’re tired and in pain but I want you to tell me everything. Don’t leave anything out, even if you don’t think it’s important.”
“I just saw him from behind. 5’10”, 185 lbs. , grey hooded sweatshirt like Cameron wore, jeans and white tennis shoes.”
“Did you hear his voice?”
“No he didn’t say anything…wait! -I did get a glimpse of his face as he turned to see if I would scream. I was so afraid I forgot. It all happened so fast. He was trying to figure out if he should run. When he saw the breath was knocked out of me he gave me kind of a creepy smile and just walked away.”
“We need to call the cops,”Mac insisted.
“We will a little later. Hey can I use your phone to call Skyler; I want to see if they’re on their way. It would do me a lot of good to see them right about now and could you please get me some 7-up…I’m thirsty even with this IV.”
“Sure you can and yes I will.” She dug for her phone, gave it to Peyton and then left the room.


Hunter was half way drunk by this time. A little celebration for a job well done. He heard a faint tune repeating itself; he realized it was Peyton’s cell phone. It read on the display that it was Mac. He thought he’d answer it just for shits and giggles. He disguised his voice as well as he could.

Peyton had dialed her own cell phone and it was ringing.
“This is Peyton Hudson. I believe you have my phone amongst other things.”
“Yah, so?”
“I’m willing to pay you to get them back.”
“How much?”He was just playing with her.
“As much as you want.”
“Listen bitch… I’ve found your little secrets. You’re not gettting your fucking purse back! Don’t call again I know where you live.”
Why did she just do that? He was hateful and creepy. She would never tell anyone what she had done.
Peyton was visually tremoring, when Mac walked back into the room with the promised 7-up.
“Peyton! You’re ashen what just happened?”
“Nothing I think I’m having a panic attack.”
Mac ran out of the room to find Brian. She found Dr. Hartley on the floor. Mac grabbed him and said,
“Come quickly there is something wrong with Peyton!”
Brian Hartley hurried in and looked at Peyton.
“Have you had these attacks before?”
“No Dr., I think it’s just all of the stress I’ve been under and now being attacked.”
“I’ll prescribe you some Atavan that will help with your anxiety. I’ll have the nurse bring you in one now, you look positively shaken.”
They administered her anxiety pill, it took about a half an hour but she did calm down.
What had possessed her to do that, now he did know where she lived. Her ID and credit cards…everything was lost.
Peyton was terrified. She didn’t think this was over; actually, she felt something bad had just begun.


Hunter was rolling with laughter. He knew he scared the bee Jesus out of her. That was what the dumb bitch got for having the nerve to call him and offer him money. Money…Dr. Hudson’s cure all.
Well she had a couple of surprises coming her way. He chuckled.
Hunter had a lot of thinking to do. With that Kindle Touch and his hacking abilities, she was definitely in for an ambush. He could hack her bank accounts, credit cards, rich friends, the list went on. Just took some ingenuity and brains which he was proud to say he had both.

‘Within these Walls’-Pages 75-83

Peyton had a busy morning and she was not looking forward to a busy afternoon, there was never a break in the monotony. Just being on vacation should have recharged her but she was thinking that she’d been doing this job for too long. She couldn’t go back to school, she had come too far and her position was a dream and goal of hers. Just STOP it! Quit having this little pity party!
She needed to buck up and finish her day even though she wanted to go home early.
What was wrong with her? She never got in a funk like this.
Peyton went into the bathroom, splashed some cold water on her face and looked in the mirror.
“Ok Dr. Peyton Hudson, this has been your dream job and it still is. Pull yourself together and finish this afternoons schedule!”
Hunter woke up a hell of a lot later than he’d anticipated. Today was finally the day; the waiting had been killing him. On Halloween he had purchased, what he thought was a brilliant disguise. A snug fitting beard/mustache combo, also a couple of those kits to create realistic scars and some colored contacts. Hunter slipped into his best pair of blue jeans, white wife beater and his favorite white sneakers. Advantageous for running with the nabbed goods.
He set out his oversized grey hooded sweatshirt. It would be too hot for it but he needed the veil of the hood to further hide his face. He gingerly placed it all in a King Soopers bag, adding a roll of quarters and set it by the cheap tin door of the trailer. He’d have to don his guise elsewhere; he didn’t want to raise the suspicion of his ‘Looky-Loo’ neighbors. At precisely three pm, he launched his plan.


It was three o’clock and Peyton was preparing for her last consult. He was 72-year-old man named Dan Brady, who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis. It advanced quickly and he needed an anthroplasties.


Hunter’s excursion started with filling up the tank at the Bradley station on the corner. That done…he stopped for a foot long and a soda at the Subway down the street. He parked in the nearly abandoned lot, ate, drank then started with the well-practiced scar under his right eye. It was authentic looking. Hunter had a more difficult time with the brown contacts to hide his blue eyes. Maybe he was getting nervous. He expertly fit the beard/mustache that matched his hair.
He took I-25 to the Speer Blvd. exit and down to Lawrence Street. He parked on fifteenth and fed the meter the maximum time of three hours. Should be plenty. It was a packed Friday and he blended in walking aimlessly with the other goons. Right on the corner of sixteenth and Lawrence there was a musician playing guitar for change. He hung out there waiting, it was somewhere around five.


They conferred for about an hour and when she was satisfied with her diagnosis, she told Mr. Brady to go see the receptionist to schedule surgery. It would probably be two to three months out. He thanked her and she was finally done for the day. It was only four thirty so she decided to go to see Elizabeth Burg.
The nice woman was sound asleep; she would come back in the morning on her regular rounds.
Peyton said her goodbyes to her staff and Mac. Mackenzie studied her face and asked her if she was ok. She told here about her pity-party and wanting to go home early. Mac explained to her that it was most likely because Mason was gone and the kids were home alone. Mac always made much sense. Peyton thanked her, hugged her and told her goodnight.
Peyton walked into the hospital garage and Stan Young was ready to walk her to her car. She thanked him, got in, gunned the engine and took off.
She pulled up on fifteenth, parked and made the short walk to Starbucks. She ordered her standard order, paid, grabbed her coffee in one hand and tried to control her purse with the other.


Suddenly as anticipated, here came Dr. Peyton Hudson. Iced Caramel Macchiato in one hand, purse hanging loosely, opened and sliding down her bent arm. He made his move. He walked up behind her and positioned himself to very forcefully and rudely elbow the woman in the ribs. Stripped the purse, secreted it under the ample jacket and nonchalantly walked towards his Jeep.
She really had the wind knocked out of her and couldn’t call out.


Hunter Cook drove his Jeep carefully. He avoided drawing any attention to himself. He needed to get out of the disguise before he got to the trailer park. He took the beard off and the hoody while he was driving. He kept looking in the rearview mirror. No good Samaritans or cops following him. He realized his heart was still hammering in his chest. He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. He repeated the action a couple of more times. His racing pulse decelerated.
He laughed and talked to himself,
“That was so fucking easy; the dumb bitch didn’t even see it coming. I think she might have glimpsed my face, for a second, when I checked to see if she was going to call for help. Hope I didn’t hurt her too bad,”he chuckled.
Hunter got back on I-25 and headed north. The trailer park was right across from the twin water towers in Thornton. He got off on the 104th exit and stopped at the McDonald’s near Huron Street. It had a partially hidden parking lot, in the back, where he wouldn’t look suspicious.
He drove up to the drive thru and ordered a Big Mac and a large dollar soda.


Peyton had trouble breathing and thought the mugger had broken a rib or two. She was really struggling for air and her side felt swollen and badly bruised. By then there were people trying to help her, “Lie down and don’t move,” offered a handsome man in his forties, “I’ll run to my car and get you a blanket and some bottled water.”
“Someone call 911… I think she’s badly hurt!”
The crowd grew and circled her until she really could not breathe. A youngish girl yelled,
“Back up and give her some room to breathe!” She was physically moving the onlookers back.
There was excitement in the air, as there always was under these circumstances. People meant well but just made matters worse.
All except for the forty something guy, he returned as he had promised. He covered her with a blanket…the temp must of been in the eighties but you do get cold when injured and in shock. He gave her a tiny sip of water, just then the paramedics and fire truck pulled in.


Hunter was munching his burger and had gotten the phony scar off. Her fancy purse was sitting on the seat next to him. He could not wait to go through the bag. See what a rich doctor would keep in her purse. Shit…the purse was probably worth a thousand itself.
It was taboo going through a womans handbag; he was stimulated to further invade the good Dr.’s space.
He put everything back in the plastic grocery bag including his McDonald’s trash and drove the few blocks home.
He looked himself over in the mirror, put both bags in the box he had brought, decided he looked normal enough.
He carried the box carefully into the squalor of the mobile home, put it down and went to the fridge for a Bud Light. He drank it straight down and opened another. He had to piss like a racehorse; he’d been holding it since Subway.


The EMTs had put Peyton on a backboard, checked her pulse, checked her eyes and asked her questions…all at the same time. If nothing, they were efficient. She told them she was an MD and their demeanor took on a new face.
“I’m Dr. Peyton Hudson. I work at St. Josephs Hospital if you’ll kindly transport me there.”
“Sure thing Dr. Hudson, in your knowledgeable experience, what would you say your injuries are?”
“I took quite a blow to my right side. I believe I have either cracked or broken ribs. I’m having difficulty respiring. Could I maybe use a cell phone? I want to call my physicians assistant and best friend. Have her meet us there.”
One of the many paramedics offered their phone. She said thanks and dialed Macs number. She had to think for a moment, her phone had it programmed.
Damn her voice mail…”It’s me Mac I have been attacked. I’m on my way by ambulance to St. Joes. Please don’t worry, I’m not that badly injured, love you. See you there.”
“Son of a bitch stold my Gucci bag.”