Excerpt from “Without Remorse”

Mason Hudson is in San Lamas, a prison for the criminally insane. He is afflicted with DID and one alter is Hunter Cook, a serial killer. Mason is meeting with Dr. Dean Weston for therapy….

Mason was in Dr. Weston’s office for some more head shrinking.
“Grab your art project and we’ll get started Hudson.
Mason reached up on the shelf and retrieved his so called mask. He hated talking to the Doc; he was too good at what he did.
“How you feeling today Hudson?”
“Pretty good. I finally got commissary privileges yesterday and bought much needed items.”
“I see you have new clothes on, how does that make you feel?”
“Fucking human, Doc.”
Mason got his box of newspaper strips and the doctor had already mixed the flour and water.
“Now, you want to make the back of the mask smooth and then you can start building the face.”
“Is this really the fuck necessary?”
“You seemed more relaxed in the last session and I think that’s due to keeping your hands busy…just humor me Hudson .”
Mason slathered on the flour mix, front and back and laid it on the balloon. It didn’t look like much of anything, but he kept at it.
“I think we’ll start where we left off last time. You mentioned ‘Big Bob’.”
Mason virtually stiffened. He usually had steady hands but they were trembling.
He threw the paper mache balloon at the wall.
“I cannot go there Weston!”
It just bounced off and the doctor told him to pick it up and continue.  Mason did as he was told, with his eyes downcast throughout.
“OK, we both know who ‘Big Bob’ is and you need to talk about it. It is the only way to recovery, no matter how painful.
“I hate that mother fucker!!”
“How old were you when the sexual abuse started?”
“I guess four or five; I remember wearing my Batman pajamas.”
“You have excellent recall Hudson; it is unusual to remember things at such a young age.”
“Well…it’s something I will never forget!”
“So, you had on your Batman pajamas and what happened?”
Dr. Weston was afraid for the first time in all of his years of practice. When Mason raised his head he looked directly into the doctor’s eyes. Once again the inner struggle presented itself. His corneas swelled and retracted. This went on for a few short seconds but scared Dean Weston; he wasn’t sure who would win the battle.

“Well doctor…’Big Bob’ was our pet name for his cock.”
Mason’s voice turned into a sultry woman’s. He looked completely different in a very feminine way. He crossed his legs like a woman and pulled up the pant legs. He was sexily swinging his leg from the knee down, pointing his toes. He straightened his shoulders and pushed out his chest.
Dr. Weston found himself talking to another alter.
“What’s your name ma’am?”
“Vanessa darling, and ma’am makes me feel very old.”
“How old are you?”
“You should know better than to ask a lady her age.” She winked at him.
“How long have you been with Mason?”
“Who’s Mason,” she said completely baffled.
Dr. Weston checked his notes thoroughly before asking his next question.
“Did you know Leonard Hudson?”
“Oh yes…he was such a handsome man and his wife knew nothing of our sexual encounters.”
Vanessa leaned forward adjusted her breasts and was in truth flirting with Dr. Weston.
“What did you do with ‘Big Bob’, Vanessa?”
“Oh! What a personal question. A lady should never kiss and tell.”
“I’m a medical doctor, trained in these matters and it’s OK if you tell me a little bit… I would also like to take your blood pressure and pulse, if you don’t mind.”
Dr. Weston got his BP cuff and the reading was 135 over 86 and her pulse was 85.
“A doctor huh? You most likely have heard it all before ….well, I gave him oral sex and then he would always sodomize me.”
Weston couldn’t hide his shock and disgust, it showed in his face.
“Oh, I’ve gone and said too much doctor, I apologize.”
Suddenly Vanessa’s head slumped and when it was raised Mason had returned to normal.

“So…I was wearing my Batman pajamas and do I really have to say Weston?”
“Before we move on I would like to take your pulse and blood pressure.”
“Go for it Doc.”
Within less than a minute the readings were very different. His BP was 120 over 72 and his pulse rate was 70 beats per minute.
Dr. Weston had read that alters could have entirely different readings and he just found this to be true. He was now 100% sure of the DID diagnosis. 

Too be continued ……..


Excerpt from “Without Remorse”

  Mason and his defense attorney in DID insanity case…..

Mason was sitting in his cell with his bruised, bandaged head cradled in his hands. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him.
  The guard called out ‘Hudson’ and he went out the door, into the long room with phones and bullet proof glass.
Harvey was holding the receiver and Mason picked up the other end.
“I don’t know what to do…I’m damned either fucking way it goes.”
“I’m sorry Mason, but life in the San Lamas prison would be an easier, more quality life than a regular prison.”
“Quality?? With a bunch of insane fuckers? I really will go crazy.”
“This prison will have medications, therapy…professional help Mason.”
“To mother fucking hell with meds and therapy Harv…I’m not crazy!!”
Harvey had come to believe that Hunter Cook did exist. He knew he was dealing with Mason right now, but God help the world when Cook surfaced.
“You’re not crazy Mason, you’re sick. Maybe through pharmaceuticals and counseling they can get to the root of your disorder and eradicate Hunter Cook. They know more now about treating mental illness.”
“I’m not fucking crazy Harvey!!”
“You may not remember the things Cook has done but you know they’re true. He’s killed eight people Mason and mutilated some of them. Personally I’m terrified of you and your dark side. I’m thankful this is almost over.”
Harvey felt brave enough through the glass to be honest with Hudson.
“Well…you’ve done a bang up job Harvey. I guess I should be thanking you, but I don’t feel much gratitude at the moment. It’s just a case to you, but it’s the rest of my life in fucking hell!”
Mason’s eyes started to shift. His body became stiff, sweat was beading on his forehead and he began hyperventilating.
Harvey dropped the receiver. He witnessed hell in Mason’s face. It was Hunter staring back at him, his eyes red rimmed and vacant.
Harvey’s bowels loosened, his heart was hammering, he jumped to his feet, tipping over the chair and hurried down the long room.

  Six hours passed and still no verdict.
Harvey Rehnquist called Judge Randall and asked for a meeting at his house, stating that it was an emergency.
“This is rather unconventional Harvey, what’s up?”
“It is something that I need to see you in person about, regarding Hudson and it can’t wait another minute.”
Randall agreed to meet Harvey on his front porch in twenty minutes.
“Thanks Judge…I’ll see you real soon…”

Excerpt from “The Evil Within”

He was on Colfax and Elizabeth street and there she stood. She was obviously a hooker, all alone, on the corner of the parking lot at a retail complex. He rolled up on her, she inconspicuously slid into the passenger seat and he continued to drive.
“How much,” is all he asked.
“Depends on what you’re looking for,” she answered.
“First of all I want to use handcuffs, you go for that?”
“Figures my first trick of the night and you have to be kinky.”
A whore with an objectionable attitude he thought wryly.
“You aren’t that special bitch, I can always let you out.”
“No, no…I just got in a fight with my man that’s all.”
“Well, are we going to let that interfere with our fun,” asked Hunter?
“Let’s get down to business; handcuffs are all right…what else do you want?”
For the first time since she climbed in the car, he turned to look at her. She was uncommonly pretty, young, had long straight auburn hair, inquisitive green eyes, straight nose, cheekbones most women praised, a full pouting mouth, long slender neck, (which caused Hunter pause), long lean legs exposed by a mini skirt and huge silicone breasts in a push up bra. Overall she was quite striking…but fake he thought.
“First we have to find a place to park where we won’t get busted.”
“I know the perfect place,” she said.
This surprised Hunter, he decided it made his job a lot easier. She directed him to a small park. The lot was well hidden by trees and bushes, even though they were bare due to the winter months. There were no other vehicles, it seemed ideal and the clock was slowly ticking. Hunter reached in back into the gym bag. He grabbed the half empty bottle of peppermint schnapps. He offered the girl a drink and took a long pull for himself; it burned lusciously all the way down.
“You need a little liquid courage?” she asked teasingly.
“If only you knew,” he answered, “I’m ready for the handcuffs.”
“You’re not one for much conversation, are you? Sometimes that’s all my customers want.”
“I’m a man of few words, I believe actions speak louder.” he gave her that one of a kind crooked smile.
For the first time she realized how handsome he really was and wondered about his story. He reached back again, got in the bag, pulled out the handcuffs and she willingly offered him her wrists.
He couldn’t keep his eyes off her long, lean neck. As he fitted the cuffs he leaned close to her, caught the scent of fresh bath soap, lotion and her sweet perfume. Hunter was getting excited; his heart rate reflecting his eagerness.
The young girl asked him what he wanted next.
He said, “Fellatio.”
She giggled, “What?”
He explained, clearly exactly what he wanted. She scooted over in the seat, trying to situate herself, hindered by the restraints. He was unzipped and she bent her head down. Hunter was only turned on by what was in store for this tramp. She deserved what was coming; he was convinced all women did.

Hunter took another snort of the schnapps, put it down and grabbed the length of nylon rope. His heart was hammering in his chest as he jerked her head back by her long silky hair, wrapped the rope around her beautiful neck and started to apply pressure. She gasped in shock, started struggling in earnest, she was much stronger than she looked. He fought to hold onto the rope and let go of the auburn locks to use both hands. She was able to choke out a faint scream and continued to kick and twist. Hunter almost lost his precarious grip, regained control and tightened the noose.
After what seemed like an eternity she finally fell silent, her muscles slackened, she stared out of vacant eyes, saliva running down her chin and her head slumped into his lap. The little bitch caused him to grapple to such an extent that he failed to have an orgasm.
Hunter was beyond rage! He couldn’t wait to cut her, take his memento and possess the second digit in his new collection. He first had to drive to the dumping ground.

Excerpt “The Evil Within” Mason’s Nightmare / edited and rewritten

Little Mason was six standing over the tub near his two year old brothers dead, floating body…the air permeated with the smell of baby shampoo and chlorine.
Eleanor,his mother, was keening over the murder of her youngest child.
“What have you done to my BABY”…she wailed, “Oh Macey…what have you done?!”
Mason despised when she called him that. He couldn’t stand the grief stricken, loathsome sound, piercing his inner ear drums. He had to escape!
He ran out of the small ruined bathroom, down the hard wood floored hallway and slammed the door to his bedroom. It reverberated in his sick mind.
The dream placed him back in front of the terrifying basement door, dreading, not knowing what horrible entity awaited his arrival. His head was spinning, aching with dread it felt like it would explode. He tentatively touched the knob, he yanked his hand back as if it had burned him. He was petrified but unable to help himself from grasping the knob again and opening the door. It creaked in protest of the unoiled hinges.
The odor and sight of the dank, darkness assaulted his senses. Mold, mildew and pitch black. He tried the light switch to the single, dim, hanging bulb but it was burnt out. He navigated the rotted planks once more descending into the bowels of hell. He reached the bottom of the seemingly endless staircase, squinted his eyes and was petrified as his pupils adjusted to the blackness.
He stopped abruptly straining his ears in the direction of an eerie sound. It was an evil, gleeful, snickering coming from the back of the room still shadowed in black. He felt the tingle of goose bumps raise on his arms and legs, his hair stood up on the nape of his neck. He was hyperventilating… his heart flopping in his chest.
Unexpectedly he recognized the disturbing noise…it was Morgan, his dead brother, he had a menacing giggle that chilled Mason’s bones. He strained his eyes in the area of the creepy resonance. Mason couldn’t see a thing, he wanted to turn and scramble up the steps but his feet wouldn’t move, it was if they were glued to the floor.
The sound started getting nearer, with the added terror of tiny feet dragging on the cracked cement floor. Again, he noticed the faint smell of baby shampoo and chlorine. Mason opened his mouth to scream, the dream stole his voice, he helplessly whispered his defiance. His mind was urging him to flee but he was utterly paralyzed. He looked around frantically and as he turned his head he caught movement in his peripheral vision. His heart was pounding, he felt faint as Morgan came into view.
The baby was grinning sadistically, his little teeth showing and spittle on his chin. His small body was swollen with tub water and tinted with the blue of oxygen deprivation. He was still dripping, a puddle forming at his bare feet, within touching distance of Mason, with the now strong scent of bath water twisting his stomach. He remained frozen with fear as the horrific demon child tittered obnoxiously. Mason’s whole body was shaking violently, as the little hand with purple fingernails grasped his genitals…..
“Mason! Wake up! You’re having a nightmare!” Melanie urged him to wake, joggling him. He was disoriented, perspiring and scared to death.

Excerpt ‘The Evil Within’ Mason’s Nightmare

Mason had been in the basement for hours, no one had gone against his command. He felt no sorrow for Terri or Melanie; they deserved his wrath for their snooping, intrusive questioning. He was worn out, as was the case after a killing. He laid his head down for just a minutes rest and soon was fast asleep. Before long he was dreaming.

Little Mason stood over his baby brothers dead, floating body listening to his mother keen. He couldn’t stand the sound and had to get away.
“What have you done to my BABY….?!” wailed Eleanor. Mason ran out of the small bathroom, down the hallway into his bedroom and slammed the door. It reverberated in his sick mind and suddenly he was back in front of the basement door, dreading, knowing what he would see if he opened it. His head was spinning and aching, it felt like it would explode. He softly touched the knob, unable to stop himself from going down into the dank, dark space. He navigated the rotten planks once more descending into the bowels of hell. He reached the bottom of the unending staircase, opened his eyes, he was terrified as his pupils adjusted to the blackness.
He heard the eerie sound of gleeful snickering coming from the back of the room still covered in darkness. His body broke out in goose bumps and he was breathing hard. He recognized the disturbing noise… It was Morgan, he had a menacing giggle. He strained his eyes in the direction of the creepy resonance. Mason couldn’t see a thing, he wanted to run but his feet wouldn’t move, it was if they were glued to the floor. The sound slowly yet steadily grew nearer. Mason tried to scream but as always, the sound was stolen by the dream. His mind was urgently warning him to flee but his legs were paralyzed. He looked around frantically and as he turned his head, he caught movement in his peripheral vision. His heart was pounding out of his chest as the apparition came in to view.
Morgan was grinning sadistically. His tiny body swollen with tub water and tinted with the blue of oxygen deprivation. He was still dripping and a puddle formed at his feet when he stopped right in front of Mason. He remained frozen by fear as the horrific demon child tittered obnoxiously. Suddenly his whole body started shaking violently, as the corpse reached out to grab him.
“Mason, wake up honey you’re having a bad dream.”
Mason woke with Melanie joggling him. He was disoriented, perspiring and scared to death.
“Oh good, you were having a nightmare. It seemed really bad. I’m glad you’re awake!”
“Where am I…what time is it?”
“It’s almost 9:00 and you’re in the basement. Are you all right?”
“Yah, I’m ok, a little shook up but ok.”
“You told me you were having dreams, are they all this bad?”
Mason was regaining his composure, he told Mel that this one was worse than normal and he assured her that he was fine.
“Let’s go upstairs and get you into something dry, your shirt is soaked!”
He followed her up the stairs still picturing his dead brother in his psychotic brain.

Excerpt from “The Evil Within” 2nd Novel in ‘Poisoned Soul’ series

Mason is an evil killer. The reason he looked like hell in earlier excerpt is that he is terrified to sleep. He is haunted by childhood night terrors and adult nightmares. This is one of his dreams:

Mason fell asleep and started dreaming vividly about killing. His dream flashed from one victim to another.
He saw Bryson’s car in flames, he was running in slow motion trying to get away from the inferno, it was singeing his hair, burning his back…he could barely move his leaden feet.
As he was struggling Mason looked up right into the half-eaten face of Tiffany, she was standing blocking his way. She was mouthing words but no sound came out. Her dead accusing eyes with hate further burning him.
He was in the dank, dark, rank dumpster, his body covered with Elsa’s blood. She was sitting at an impossible angle, legs under and behind her. Her bodice was visible with crimson dripping out of the stab wounds. Her eyes…he couldn’t look at her eyes, yet he could not tear himself away. The blank lifeless orbs were boring into his eyes, he was trying to scream. Elsa was attempting to lift her head but the broken neck flopped from one side to the other, making a bone on bone grinding sound. Mason was going to lose his mind.
In his head he was saying “No…No…No”, but his throat was closed by the rag stuffed in his mouth. He thought he would faint, when Elsa started cackling a loud horrible noise that threatened to make his head explode! She started moving towards him by pulling her ruined body by her arms. He backed up as far as he could against the dumpster when it turned into the soft seat of the red rental car.
He thankfully laid his head on his arms propped by the steering wheel and took a deep breath. It smelled like rotting flesh. He was afraid to turn his head. Before he looked to see, what gruesome sight was in store…the nylon rope wrapped around his neck. It was so tight he could not catch his breath. Two cold, hard fingers slowly pulled his eyelids down and he was blind! He was twisting and gagging….when he woke up the blanket was bound, wrapped and tangled around his body. He tore it loose and actually cried. Cried for him.

Excerpt from “The Evil Within”…will be published in August 2014

Melanie got pregnant accidently. She was on birth control. Mason didn’t want children and is secretly furious. This is their 1st visit to the obstetrician’s office:

Mason and Melanie sat in Dr. Jacobs waiting room. She had to fill out a stack of paperwork with every type of question imaginable. With her emotions high, nerves mixed with excitement, the nurse called her name at last.
Melanie was shocked that Mason had come along, more so that he said, he would be there for her every step of the pregnancy. She was grateful but worried about him. She had not said anything…he looked like death warmed over, as if he had not slept in days. Melanie needed to address her concerns but not until after the appointment
They led her into an exam room, asked her to get undressed and slip into one of those backless gowns that left your rear end cold.
The room was a small box with a sink, a chair, scarce equipment and the paper covered exam table. It was well lit and smelled of antiseptics. Mason sat on the chair and she scooted on to the crunching paper, tearing and creasing it.
First the ultrasound technician was going to examine her, then the doctor would come in to give her a pelvic and a consultation. Mason had never gone with his former wife to any of her doctor appointments when she was pregnant years ago, and felt no guilt about it. This was all new to him and he was uncomfortable.
After taking her temperature, blood pressure, height and weight measurements, the nurse asked her to lay back and relax.
She pulled up the gown and squirted on warmed gel for the sonogram. She used the transducer over her abdomen to capture a three dimensional image of the fetus. The tech applied some pressure to the instrument, moved it around on her belly until she found what she was looking for on the monitor. The first ultrasound was used to check the viability of the pregnancy, confirm the heartbeat and measure the crown-rump length for gestational age.
“There’s the baby,” said the tech pointing to the screen. The image was black and white, hard to discern, but it was hooked up to audio and you could hear the quick heartbeat. She continued with the sonogram taking measurements while Mel and Mason were speechless.
They stared, listened, then Melanie started to cry. Mason squeezed her hand, “It’s amazing!” he whispered, “It’s just incredible!” Melanie found her voice and told Mason she loved him.
He said, “You too.”
Just then the exam room door opened and Dr. Jacobs let himself in. “Hi, I’m Herbert Jacobs, and you are…(he looked at the chart), Melanie. It’s very nice to meet you and you must be Mr. Hudson?”
“Yes I am, it’s good to meet you too, Doc.”
“Hi Dr. Jacobs,” Melanie was smiling from ear to ear.
The doctor was middle-aged man, good looking in a Kevin Costner kind of way, friendly face, and the beginnings of baldness. He had a fit body hiding under his white mid thigh smock, was wearing a blue patterned tie, dress shirt, beige Docker slacks and blue running shoes. Mason approved of his wardrobe choice…much like his own.
“Well you are definitely going to be having a little one, congratulations! Would you kindly slide down and put your feet in the stirrups?”
Wow, Mason thought, he certainly wasted no time. Melanie situated herself and the doc started the pelvic exam, he was a professional. Mason was caught off guard; the circumstance he found himself in was embarrassing. He turned his head and tried to look anywhere except for at what was happening.
“With the sonogram results and this exam, I would say you are seven weeks pregnant, that gives us a due date of July 22nd.”
“Wow,” Mel was flabbergasted.
“We need to get you started on prenatal vitamins and I recommend you read,’Great Expectations: Your All-in-One Resource for Pregnancy and Childbirth’, since this is your first child. It’s a good book. Do either of you have any specific questions for me?”
“Thousands, but I can’t think of one right now,” Melanie laughed.
“Feel free to call our office anytime and set up your next appointment on the way out. It was a pleasure meeting you both.”
Melanie walked out happily with the ultrasound picture in her hand.