I’ve completed the second book in ‘Poisoined Soul’ series. Not sure whether to self publish or querry agents. First book only sold 24 copies. Without marketing. Not sure how. Think I’ll go for traditional publishing.


Excerpt from “The Evil Within”

He was on Colfax and Elizabeth street and there she stood. She was obviously a hooker, all alone, on the corner of the parking lot at a retail complex. He rolled up on her, she inconspicuously slid into the passenger seat and he continued to drive.
“How much,” is all he asked.
“Depends on what you’re looking for,” she answered.
“First of all I want to use handcuffs, you go for that?”
“Figures my first trick of the night and you have to be kinky.”
A whore with an objectionable attitude he thought wryly.
“You aren’t that special bitch, I can always let you out.”
“No, no…I just got in a fight with my man that’s all.”
“Well, are we going to let that interfere with our fun,” asked Hunter?
“Let’s get down to business; handcuffs are all right…what else do you want?”
For the first time since she climbed in the car, he turned to look at her. She was uncommonly pretty, young, had long straight auburn hair, inquisitive green eyes, straight nose, cheekbones most women praised, a full pouting mouth, long slender neck, (which caused Hunter pause), long lean legs exposed by a mini skirt and huge silicone breasts in a push up bra. Overall she was quite striking…but fake he thought.
“First we have to find a place to park where we won’t get busted.”
“I know the perfect place,” she said.
This surprised Hunter, he decided it made his job a lot easier. She directed him to a small park. The lot was well hidden by trees and bushes, even though they were bare due to the winter months. There were no other vehicles, it seemed ideal and the clock was slowly ticking. Hunter reached in back into the gym bag. He grabbed the half empty bottle of peppermint schnapps. He offered the girl a drink and took a long pull for himself; it burned lusciously all the way down.
“You need a little liquid courage?” she asked teasingly.
“If only you knew,” he answered, “I’m ready for the handcuffs.”
“You’re not one for much conversation, are you? Sometimes that’s all my customers want.”
“I’m a man of few words, I believe actions speak louder.” he gave her that one of a kind crooked smile.
For the first time she realized how handsome he really was and wondered about his story. He reached back again, got in the bag, pulled out the handcuffs and she willingly offered him her wrists.
He couldn’t keep his eyes off her long, lean neck. As he fitted the cuffs he leaned close to her, caught the scent of fresh bath soap, lotion and her sweet perfume. Hunter was getting excited; his heart rate reflecting his eagerness.
The young girl asked him what he wanted next.
He said, “Fellatio.”
She giggled, “What?”
He explained, clearly exactly what he wanted. She scooted over in the seat, trying to situate herself, hindered by the restraints. He was unzipped and she bent her head down. Hunter was only turned on by what was in store for this tramp. She deserved what was coming; he was convinced all women did.

Hunter took another snort of the schnapps, put it down and grabbed the length of nylon rope. His heart was hammering in his chest as he jerked her head back by her long silky hair, wrapped the rope around her beautiful neck and started to apply pressure. She gasped in shock, started struggling in earnest, she was much stronger than she looked. He fought to hold onto the rope and let go of the auburn locks to use both hands. She was able to choke out a faint scream and continued to kick and twist. Hunter almost lost his precarious grip, regained control and tightened the noose.
After what seemed like an eternity she finally fell silent, her muscles slackened, she stared out of vacant eyes, saliva running down her chin and her head slumped into his lap. The little bitch caused him to grapple to such an extent that he failed to have an orgasm.
Hunter was beyond rage! He couldn’t wait to cut her, take his memento and possess the second digit in his new collection. He first had to drive to the dumping ground.

Excerpt From “The Evil Within”

Mason dialed Garrett with his demands.
“I want a helicopter to take me to the Jefferson County Airport, where I want a private jet scheduled to take me to an undisclosed destination.
“Mr. Hudson…you know we can’t do that.”
“If not this hostage is as good as dead!”
“Let me talk to my superiors and see what we can do.”
“You have exactly fifteen minutes or she loses a finger!”
Terri heard this and became hysterical.
“NO MASON! Please let me go, you will never have to look at or listen to me again! PLEASE!”
Mason tied her down with more tape and taped her mouth as well. Then using an army crawl on his stomach went to the garage to get the thermos, he was sweating by the time he got back and Terri remained securely tied down. Her eyes got huge when she saw the thermos. Why in the hell would he have a thermos?
“Garrett ….you have ten minutes, I suggest you hurry, I’m knife ready!”
He hung up.
Mason got the pint of schnapps out of the small fridge, undid Terri’s tape covering her mouth and told her to drink it.
“OH NO! You’re not really going through with this, you sick fuck?!”
” If my demands aren’t met they will receive a small token of my seriousness. Finish that bottle Terri.”
She was trembling to such an extent that she could not get the bottle opening to her mouth. Mason grabbed it from her and poured some down her throat. It burned and she sputtered but got most off it down. He was trying to anesthetize her!
His phone rang, the negotiator was on the line.
“It’s going to take us a while to meet with your demands Hudson.”
“Fuck you! I know there is a helicopter out there circling I can hear it. Line up that private jet. You’re out of time.
Mason untaped Terri’s arms from each other and retaped her left arm down on the arm rest. He did this tightly on both sides. She was screaming through the tape on her mouth and violently shaking her head from side to side.
Mason poured some schnapps on her hand and started cutting. Terri was trying to thrash around but she was taped so securely she could not move. She felt the serrated blade of the knife cut through her soft skin and passed out.
Mason sawed through the bone and cut through the other side of her finger, there was a lot of blood.
He wrapped her hand tightly with gauze and duct tape, she was still passed out. Mason got on the phone with Garrett once more and told him he had something for him.
“A small token from my hostage!” He snuck up to the side of the window where he could not be seen and threw the finger out as far as he could towards the crowd of waiting cops. One came forward to retrieve the unknown object and Mason let off a shot at him, he got him in the leg but with a glock it would be a grave injury.
Two cops went to his rescue and dragged him back to safety. They picked up the freshly amputated finger with latex gloves and placed it in a ziploc bag. One officer threw up and ran to a waiting cruiser.
“Mason! Are you still there?”
Garrett was met with a dead line.
Terri slowly came around in confusion. She did not know where she was or why she was there. There was an excruciating pain in her left hand. She saw Mason and it all came flooding back, she was beyond horrified. The cocksucker had sawn off her finger! She felt like she was going to lose consciousness again but she could not afford to.
She needed to be awake and try to defend herself. She hated Mason with an intensity and he would not hurt her again!
Mason’s cell rang, it was Garrett.
“Ok , Hudson you have our complete attention. We are getting the copter and we will have a private jet waiting at the Jefferson County Airport. The copter is refueling and will land shortly, then take you to your destination. Please don’t hurt the girl again!”
“No need to if you are really following my directions. If I find it’s a trick I will shoot her in the head.”

I’m Finished!!

I just finihed my second novel! It’s an awesome feeling! Working so hard for such a long time….it is exhilarating. My second book is so much better than the first. I learned a lot on that original novel. Past tense, present tense, grammar, punctuation, taking many notes etc.
There is a great feeling of pride and I’m not often proud of myself. I plan to self publish this month and next. If I remember (and I do) it is hard to format according to Smashwords Style Guide. Another challenge which I live for. You’ll have to read this book, The Evil Within, when its available. I would be thrilled to share it!

Getting Busy

Watching the morning news. Ferguson is in a bad place. Poor kid. Damn cops!
Spent two days designing and perfecting book cover. Now back to writing. I’m at the end tying everything together in a way that makes sense. Good thing I took lots of notes. It will be a surprise ending that will lead in to book three. So much fun!
Well I better quit stalling…….

Final Cover I will Publish

With tons of work and changing my mind more than several times, I finally decided on this book cover. I’ve written 70,000 words and winding up surprise ending. Will publish in Sept or Oct. Can’t wait!
Look for novel on Smashwords. “Without Remorse” 3rd and final book in “Poisoined Soul” series coming in 2015!

First book in series, “Poisoned Soul” on sale now!
“Within These Walls”
Give it a try!

Happy Reading!