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Excerpt-“Within These Walls” Book 1 in series, “Poisoned Soul”

The east door opened, a uniformed guard led Mason Hudson to his seat at the defendants table, next to Harvey Rehnquist.
The whole courtroom fell silent.
Mason was dressed in an expensive suit, looked self assured and even a little cocky.
Harvey whispered to him, “I’m glad the jury didn’t see that entrance, you damn fool. You need to remain neutral, modest, even a bit sheepish if you can manage it!”
“Sorry Rehnquist, I’m nervous and don’t know how to act.”
“Just do as I say,” Harvey demanded.
The north east door opened and the bailiff led the jury in. They took their seats like they had practiced their entrance. Their faces were calm, eyes forward and unreadable.
The low conversations and whispers began again.
After about five minutes the bailiff stepped forward and in a commanding voice said, “Please rise, the court of Adams County Colorado is now in session. The honorable Judge Damon Wheeler presiding.”
The bailiff then announced, “Today’s case is Hudson versus Hudson.”
Judge Wheeler said, “Good morning, is the prosecution ready? Is the defense ready?”
Both attorneys said, “Yes Your Honor.”
“Today’s case,” Wheeler started, “is a little different than most trials. There are three charges against the defendant Mason Hudson. The first count is the robbery of Dr. Peyton Hudson, allegedly committed by one Hunter Cook. The second count is the premeditated homicide of Dr. Peyton Hudson, also allegedly committed by Hunter Cook. The third is bail jumping, pertaining to an alleged felony. It will be up to you to decide if Hunter Cook and Mason Hudson are one in the same. If so you must find Mason Hudson guilty. If you have any reasonable doubt you must come back with a verdict of not guilty. Also during the sentencing phase the death penalty is an option. I will give further instructions before deliberations begin. Mr. Ashcroft, you may proceed with your opening statement.

“Your Honor, Mr. Rehnquist, the Hudson family, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, good morning,” Ashcroft led off, speaking directly to the jurors.
“Mason Hudson is a thief and a killer! The evidence in this case will show you that the people in this world who think they know him best know him the least. I think it is fair to say that I have the most difficult job there is today, except for the job you twelve jurors have. Your job may be a bit more difficult than mine, but both of us have a central focus, one objective, and that objective is justice.
We’re here today obviously to resolve an important issue that has been on your minds. Did Mason Hudson really rob and kill Dr. Peyton Hudson? Well I’m here to answer that question today. We will answer that question from the evidence and exhibits you’ll see in this case. You will see DNA evidence that the scene belonged to the defendant. You’re going to hear through testimony, that he was sitting at the beginning of a Denver Nuggets game and 30 to 40 minutes later was back with snacks for the second half. And when you see the evidence and hear the witnesses, you’ll put it together and the answer will be clear to you. Mason Hudson IS a thief and a killer.”

“Thank you counselor. Mr. Rehnquist? Are you ready for your opening statement?”
“Yes Your Honor.”

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen of the jury. My name is Harvey Rehnquist and I am representing Mason Hudson in this case. I intend to prove that my client is innocent of the alleged charges he is faced with…if in fact they weren’t committed entirely by a different man, Hunter Cook.
The evidence that will be presented by the prosecution is circumstantial, at best. Today you will HEAR testimony and See evidence which will leave no doubt in your minds of the innocence of the defendant, Mason Hudson.
It is the prosecutions burden to prove to you, beyond any reasonable doubt that my client is in fact guilty of any crime.
The states witness in the robbery charge is unreliable as you will discover and the evidence presented was nothing more than a Halloween costume.
This time table the state has come up with concerning the Denver Nuggets game is not possible and will obviously create doubt in your minds.
The footprints, fingerprints and DNA evidence would of course be found at the Dr. Peyton Hudson crime scene. My client resides on the premises.
We were denied our motion to supress the fore mentioned evidence. No matter, you are critical thinkers and intelligent individuals. I’m sure during the trial and in deliberations you will find doubt and that is all it takes to ultimately return with a verdict of not guilty on all charges.
Thank you for your undivided attention this morning.”

Prologue-‘Within These Walls’


Hunter Cook woke up fitfully. He had trouble sleeping; you could call him an insomniac. He plodded barefoot and naked to the fridge, pulled out a bottle of Bud Light, popped the top and drank it straight down without pausing for a breath. He opened a second one and sat on his well-worn couch. Flipped on the TV and stared at the eerie glow of snow. He didn’t want to find a channel, he wanted to think. He pulled the job tomorrow. Not necessarily nervous but apprehensive.
He had been stalking Dr. Peyton Hudson for a couple of weeks, off and on. She was a hot bitch and he wished he was doing more than just robbing her. He needed to think…the parking garage at the hospital was too well lit and there were security guards. Right outside her house would be obvious and dangerous. The only possibility that he could fathom was in plain sight, outside of Starbucks on the 16th Street Mall. She habitually parked and walked in there on her way home from work.
He’d have to hope she showed and the streets were crowded. She held her purse half assed, not like those broads that put it over their stupid heads and hung it on their shoulder. Paranoid twits! The Dr.’s schedule wasn’t set in stone but she usually made an appearance between five and seven pm. He would just have to hope for the perfect opportunity and plenty of people on the walks. Now that he had thought it out, he slammed the rest of his beer and headed for his lumpy mattress. Fourteen to sixteen hours and it would be over, at least that part.
Hunter woke up a hell of a lot later than he’d anticipated. Today was finally the day; the waiting had been killing him. On Halloween he had purchased what he thought was a perfect disguise. A snug fitting beard/mustache combo, a couple of those kits that create realistic scars and some colored contacts.
Hunter slipped into his best pair of blue jeans, white wife-beater and his favorite white sneakers. Advantageous for running with the nabbed goods.
He set out his oversized grey hoody. It would be too hot for it but he needed the veil of the hood to hide his face. He gingerly placed it all in a plastic grocery bag, adding a roll of quarters. Hunter set it by the cheap tin door of the trailer. He would have to don his guise elsewhere, didn’t want to raise the suspicion of his “Looky-Loo” neighbors. At precisely three pm he launched his plan.
The excursion started with filling up the gas tank at the station on the corner. That done…he stopped for a footlong and soda at the Subway down the street. He ate, drank then started with the well-practiced scar under his right eye. It was authentic looking. Hunter had a more difficult time with the brown contacts to hide his baby blue eyes. Maybe he was getting nervous. He expertly fit the coal black beard/mustache that matched his hair.
He took I-25 to the Speer Blvd. exit and down to Lawrence Street. He parked on fifteenth and fed the meter the maximum of three hours. Should be long enough.
It was a packed Friday afternoon, he blended in walking aimlessly like all the other goons. On the corner of Sixteenth and Lawrence there was a musician, playing guitar for change. He hung out there waiting, it was around five, he forgot his watch.
Suddenly as expected, here came Dr. Peyton Hudson. Iced Caramel Macchiato in one hand, her purse hanging loosely, opened and sliding down her bent arm. He made his move.
He walked quietly up behind her, positioned himself to very forcefully and rudely elbow the woman in the ribs. Hunter stripped the handbag, secreted it under the ample jacket, glanced back and nonchalantly walked towards his jeep.
He left her sprawled on the sidewalk. She really had the wind knocked out of her and could not call out for help.



“Within These Walls”

Amazing crime/thriller- keeps you turning the pages!

Childhood abuse produces a mentally unstable killer. Surprising twists place you in the mind of the murderer. Private investigator Benjamin Walker struggles to unwind dark killing spree. Prosecutor Richard Ashcroft secretly wonders if he’s proven his case or even has the right man. Mason Hudson, the alleged perpetrator, impatiently awaits the verdict which will either mean death or walking free.

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Always Happy Reading


I’m so bored thus, multiple posting.
Should be writing but doubting my ability. I’ve had nothing but positive feedback on Within These Walls, but few sales. Peanuts has had zero sales. Oh….woe is me. Lol
I thought writing and publishing was easy. Marketing is a fucking nightmare!
Might go back to querying agents-seems there might be more possibilities. Self publishing is for the birds!
Needing to vent. Keys flying on my BlackBerry. I’m too damn stubborn to give up and I’ll keep plugging along:)
My life is writing. It’s what keeps me breathing and content.
I posted a quote:
“To gain your own voice, you have to forget about having it heard.”
-Allen Ginsberg

Well I’ve forgotten about it and I’ve always had my own voice. That’s what makes a good writer.
Think I’ll post a couple more poems and get back to my novel. I’ve been stalling long enough!

Always Happy Reading

Excerpt-Chapter 16- “Within These Walls”


Peyton was reading and was sure she heard the disarming of the alarm. She was confused for a second. Either they came back early from the game or Skyler had a fight with Katie and came home. She called out, “Who’s there?”, which led him right to her voice.
Hunter walked into the room and she immediately recognized her mugger. She tried to scream but choked on the saliva in her throat. As she was coughing hard he straddled her on the bed and stuffed a foul smelling rag in her mouth, now she wasn’t only choking, she was gagging.
Her eyes were wild with terror and she started kicking, hitting and scratching her assailant.
He instantly over powered her and pulled out three lengths of rope. He rolled her over with ease.
First he sat on her thrashing legs and tied her hands behind her back.
He was so incredibly strong!
She was managing some muffled screams and he chuckled.
Her thoughts were incredulous. How could this be happening and why would the mugger want her dead? Because she called and offered him money? Her mind raced with questions as he tied her legs, so tight that the nylon cut into her skin.
She was still flailing as he half dragged; half carried her towards the dresser.
What in the hell was he doing?
He turned her around until her face was in the mirror, his right next to hers.
He was going to make her watch! She almost fainted at the gruesome idea. But watch what? Her whole body was trembling out of control. He fingered the last length of rope with relish. With one super human arm he held her still, as he slowly wrapped the length of rope around her exposed neck. OH MY GOD! He was going to strangle her!
She tried to turn her head and impede his efforts but he held tight and started to put pressure on the noose. With one hand he twisted the strand of synthetic rope until it tightened that much more. Peyton couldn’t breathe…her eyes bulged, she could see it all like a dream. She gave one last ditch effort to save herself, she fought with all the strength she possessed. He had to compensate and his mask slid partially off his face. Peyton saw the one of a kind smile for the last time.
She started turning purplish blue and her tongue hung out. He snapped three pictures with his cell phone. Finally and blessedly she lost consciousness. He kept on the pressure until he was sure she was dead.
She slumped in his arms, he carried her over and tossed her on the bed.
He had one last thing to do. He went downstairs to the china cabinet, got a desert plate and took it back upstairs.
He placed it upside down over her face, so he never had to look at that bitches face again, unless he wanted to…..