Something New

I haven’t posted my thoughts in awhile….
Been too busy writing:)

Self publishing is for the fricken birds!
Marketing is a big problem. Either it’s very difficult or I’m sort of dense.
I’ve decided to go back to sending out queries to established agents. I’ve gone that road before and it was no easy thing. But…….
I’m researching a perfect querry letter and I’m using ‘Agent Query’- a great web site.
I really need to crack down and send them out daily!
I have hopes to be invited to submit my work.
‘Within These Walls’…
‘The Evil Within’…
62,000 words-almost done
‘Without Remorse’….
3rd novel in ‘Poisoned Soul’ series. Will write and publish near the end of 2015

I love the hard work and I am especially enamored with the writing!
I love new and difficult challenges! Keeps my brain alive.
It’s a great thing that I’m so stubborn. It interferes at times but is useful when it comes to working. Well, enough of my thoughts