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Mason Hudson suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder. His alter personality kills.
Endearing, believable characters engage in this horrific tale.
A crime/thriller you won’t soon forget.
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Prepare for books two and three of this “Poisoned Soul” trilogy.
“The Evil Within “…
“Without Remorse “…
To be published April 2016 and October 2016, respectively.
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B.G. Bradley




Download free E-book. It’s a good read. An exciting crime/thriller.
I’m offering the first book for $0.00 to gain exposure. The second novel will be published April 2016. The final book in October of 2016.
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B.G. Bradley

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“Within These Walls”….Prequel to “The Evil Within”.
Series “Poisoned Soul”.

Great easy reading! Characters you’ll love to love and hate.

“Within These Walls” FREE until 8/5/14

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“The Evil Within”….
Sequel. 62,000 words and writing. Will be published in August ’14

Third novel of series to come out in 2015!

Excellent story line with many sub plots. It will keep you guessing and entertained.

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